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  1. Max

    Animal Crossing?

    I’ve not bought it yet, but got 3 weeks off now.. Worth the money?
  2. Max

    Hi Fellowsfilm i need help yet again

    Shouldn’t be too tricky to do! PM me the mod download (or is it the one in the SCS forum?) and I’ll see if I can set it up with an extra paint job for you
  3. Max

    Hi Fellowsfilm i need help yet again

    Ah I should be able to help with this, which truck are you trying to skin?
  4. Max

    The LoneStar is arriving in American Truck Simulator

    Think I’ll be installing ATS again for this one! :D
  5. Max

    scania truck driving sim

    Looks more like issues with the actual collision models in game, instead of you hitting things! I’ve never actually noticed this issue when I played Scania TDS though. Do you have any mods in game?
  6. Max

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 Update 1.36 Open Beta

    Everything on this thread is straight from the developer, so you don’t need any mods. Just update your game :)
  7. Max

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 Update 1.36 Open Beta

    I’ve been hoping for this feature for years. Really need to get a working copy of ETS2 set up again so I can actually try it! :D
  8. Max

    What’s on your workbench? - Trucking

    Finally had some time to add side skirts to my FH!
  9. Max

    ets 2 / hi ff could i have some help and advice please

    As long as the .def files are set up correctly (I guess they are!) that could be your problem. Try resaving as a .dds, will need to be DXT5 if you can. DXTBMP is the software I used to use for saving them :)
  10. Max

    ets 2 / hi ff could i have some help and advice please

    Have you had a look at the game.log file that it saves in your ETS2 folder? Should give away what the issue is! Also, what format are you saving the paint job in?
  11. Max and merger

    The merge is all done (I think!) and yes, the plan is for trucking things to become more common here :)
  12. Max

    Renault Range T coming?

    I was about to say that! Really hoping that it’ll be worth the wait :D
  13. Max

    Answered I have general question about scripting in OMSI 2?

    If it’s anything like ETS2, you’d need to make the animation in the 3D software you’re using, and this can then be linked with some script afterwards.
  14. Max

    Plane Spotting

    Thought I'd start with this one then - mainly because it's one of the photos I knew where to find on my laptop, but also one of my favourites. One of BA's 787's, just after departing 27L at London Heathrow. Hard to belive that this was taken in 2015 too! :)
  15. Max

    Plane Spotting

    Wasn’t a fan of how the A350 looked before, but seeing it in Virgin & BA liveries has really changed my mind. I must find some of my old photos to share here!
  16. Max

    Utah: Sleep well, traveler

    Really impressed with the quality of these new map DLC’s 😍
  17. Max

    Answered I bought the Masterbus Pack but my steam account is disabled.

    If your steam account is disabled, getting in contact with their support team probably is probably a good start?
  18. Max

    What’s on your workbench? - Trucking

    It can definitely be done, I used to know how but not tried in a while, so SCS might have changed everything again!
  19. Max

    What’s on your workbench? - Trucking

    We’ve got a great thread showing current projects for OMSI, so I thought it would be good to have the same for truck sim! To get things started, I thought I’d share a few photos of the truck I’ve been working on. I started the project to fill some free time, and refresh my knowledge on...
  20. Max

    making a bus

    Blender would be the best option really, and it’s free. Just takes a little bit of work to learn first :) @finardolittle