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  1. Road-hog123

    Confirmed Subforums must be manually marked read after moving a thread to it

    I think this has fixed itself now. EDIT0: Okay, so it didn't happen for any of the threads I archived in the WIP section, nor did it happen when I re-opened and replied to a bug report, but when I replied to this thread and then moved it to resolved, that subforum exibited the issue. EDIT1...
  2. Road-hog123

    Confirmed Sidebar overflows container when scrolling down the page

    Wasn't fixed, just only happens on my small (1024x768) monitor rather than my main (1920x1080) monitor.
  3. Road-hog123

    Dev Tutorial [Editor] Aerial Imagery

    Finally been able to test it myself and my tutorial still works. Make sure you follow every step of the tutorial. If you don't create the folder for the aerials to go into, introduce a typo in the link or don't include your API code correctly then it won't work.
  4. Road-hog123

    Answered FPS Dropping

    In which case look in your logfile for whatever error is being spammed to it and resolve it. I figured the error was running out of memory given the white textures, but I guess not.
  5. Road-hog123

    Answered FPS Dropping

    Try installing the 4GB Patch.
  6. Road-hog123

    AI List no valid index - after changing .bus / repaints

    You need to make sure you don't change the names of, or remove any of, the AI groups.
  7. Road-hog123

    Discovery Ticket

    Ooh, that's cool. 😃 Really shows how wiggly all the town routes are. 😛
  8. Road-hog123

    Buses [Official DLC] Digibus Phantom (2 April 2020, €10.03)

    And then gives half of that to Steam - 20% is a pretty standard publisher fee it seems.
  9. Road-hog123

    Discovery Ticket

    Down in the far bottom left there should be a D line to Stanhope and a dashed AD along most of the A and D which only runs in the evenings and early mornings. Good luck fitting that all in with the space available though. Just above that, drawn very approximately in dotted blue is the G line to...
  10. Road-hog123

    Confirmed Cover Photo not updating

    POST is 200, but images not in Attachment Browser.
  11. Road-hog123

    Maps [UKDT] Cotterell

    @Komazara_1007 read the message immediately above yours.
  12. Road-hog123

    OMSI Crossing Editor

    Temporarily adjust the paths so that you're completing to an end rather than a joint. Inverting the curve radius, or changing the position/length by a couple of metres on one of the paths should suffice.
  13. Road-hog123

    Time Table Editor - Repeat Last Entries

    Type 1 is a track for the whole trip, Type 2 is a trip made up of a series of station links (which are like mini-tracks from each bus stop to the next). Type 1 is what OMSI 1 supported, Type 2 was added with OMSI 2 to reduce work repetition when creating routes that share sections with each other.
  14. Road-hog123


    As far as I know @Fellowslothb has not left Fellowsfilm.
  15. Road-hog123

    Fellowsfilm Staff Team

    @seppdemba steps down as a Content Controller, and @SimCube joins the team as a Content Controller.
  16. Road-hog123

    Confirmed Sidebar overflows container when scrolling down the page

    Issue has resolved itself now that the Downloads widget is re-enabled.
  17. Road-hog123

    Content Control Applications Open

    My current intention is to keep applications open indefinitely - we'll check over the submitted applications whenever we find we want more people. A visual inspection of the packaged file is frequently enough to find the issues we deny files for (e.g. no README, missing files), but not...