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  1. daned89

    Maps The Cornwall Project

    love it I like these types of map and routes :)
  2. daned89

    Maps Keedlestone [Removed]

    i didnt get a chance to download it after i paid for it as i accidently closed the page, how do i get the downoad now without paying for it againg as i already have but didnt download the map files?
  3. daned89

    Repaints On The Buses Safari Tour by Busman2903

    this Repaint United jack flack was on film Mutiny On The Buses where they went on Sefira Park
  4. daned89

    Maps Cranleigh & RHD Citaro

    love it and love driving these types of roads.
  5. daned89

    Paper Buses

    I would to See this Bus In OMSI 2 and love to drive it as well.
  6. daned89

    Paper Buses

    Volvo B7RLE Eclipse Transdev 6HP and Top Speed 59mph
  7. daned89

    Maps Fellowslothb Addon - Keedlestone 1.8

    Brilliant map Worth for the money Only for £5.00 Can't go wrong at all
  8. daned89

    Buses TransBus ALX400 - Dennis Trident 2 (London)

    love the Bus and I whish Someone can do Zf mod 5hp 502
  9. daned89

    Buses Plaxton President

    would this Bus will have Zf Mod aswell :) Which I love Zf mod 5hp 502
  10. daned89

    Steering Wheel Recommendations

    Thrustmaster T150 1080 Degree Wheel Best quality Steering wheel for Omsi 2
  11. daned89

    Buses Volvo B10M Plaxton Premiere

    that my Surname :) Edwards
  12. daned89

    Buses Transbus Enviro 300 & Other Projects

    Looking Brilliant and Can't wait to drive it in OMSI 2 :)
  13. daned89

    Maps Scunthorpe RHD

    I've change some featers on this Bus :) Instead Of yellow I've change to Red and Interior still blue, Change the Seat and Celling :)
  14. daned89

    Maps Scunthorpe RHD

    I've Done this Repaint Aswell :) Interior :)
  15. daned89

    Maps Scunthorpe RHD

    Hears What I've done for Repaint Hornsby :)
  16. daned89

    Maps Cranleigh & RHD Citaro

    Looks Fantastic and Real Uk Driving :) Love all the Objects in This Map and Would Love to test drive it One Day. I would love to Do a repaint Volvo B9TL :)
  17. daned89

    Maps Strathshire

    The Map Looks brilliant and Looks Coolest Map Love to drive this map when It's Release. Great Work :)
  18. daned89

    V3D's ALX400!

    looks amazing and It's gonna be Volvo and Will it have 5HP ZF mod
  19. daned89

    Buses B7RLE Eclipse Urban

    Volvo B7RLE Interior :)
  20. daned89

    Buses B7RLE Eclipse Urban

    Looks Brilliant :) Can't wait to see what Repaintable I can do when it's come out :)