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  1. BigOmsiFan

    OMSI & OMSI 2 Screenshots

    A school bus awaits departure time, while holding up rush hour traffic on a gloomy winter's afternoon.
  2. BigOmsiFan

    OMSI & OMSI 2 Screenshots

    Such a nice charming map, well done @mrmoose .
  3. BigOmsiFan

    Midsomer Counties (WIP)

    You must be confused, parts of the UK have been testing out this new type of floating light to reduce any risk of the poles being smashed into, if they are a success they will be rolled out to the rest of the country. ;)
  4. BigOmsiFan

    Maps Gainsborough

    Smashing work moose, following the success of your previous maps ill be looking forward to this
  5. BigOmsiFan

    What Map do people want in OMSI 2

    As much as id like to recommend a map for you to build, id strongly suggest you just work on your current map, building just one map takes tons of time and patience, as you may be finding out. Having two maps at once will slow down any progress and give you a ton of extra work to do. However if...
  6. BigOmsiFan

    UKDT and LOTUS

    Just remember how early production is with LOTUS, you seem to have something in your mind saying that it wont be good, your opinion could be true but no one knows where LOTUS will go. Even though the UKDT dont plan to do anything with it theres no reason you cant give it atleast a chance, you...
  7. BigOmsiFan

    Train Simulator/Railworks-Screenshots & Videos

    A Grand Central class 180 awaits to depart Blackpool North on the 11:51 service to London Euston, not quite the correct train but Grand Central will be operating to Blackpool soon this year
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    LOTUS Discussion

    Has anyone else had issues with not being able to click anything in the cab of the Munich tram? i seem to have gotten lucky a couple of times and had it working, i must be missing something here, ta.
  9. BigOmsiFan

    Maps Sladefield City & County

    Like someone mentioned before with the Trafford Centre, its included in the name as they are a chain of shopping centres (roughly 15-20 locations) across the UK.
  10. BigOmsiFan

    UK Buses in ets2?

    Im sure it would make loads of people happy, but the way ETS 2 works is to drive lorries around, there would be no doubt endless scripts to be created just to get anything like a bus simulator to work inside it. You're basically requesting for someone to create another bus sim game, which quite...
  11. BigOmsiFan

    What's green, got eight legs, and would probably kill you if it fell out of a tree? A snooker table

    What's green, got eight legs, and would probably kill you if it fell out of a tree? A snooker table
  12. BigOmsiFan

    Cossowell 2020 - Development

  13. BigOmsiFan

    Cossowell 2020 - Development

    Is this supposed to be a real thread or are you actually trying to say you're serious? If true then i think it could of all been in a dream you had last night
  14. BigOmsiFan

    Omsi2 map

    What map are you on about? or are we to guess? 🤷‍♀️
  15. BigOmsiFan

    New Map

    Anyone should be able to do it, might not be for everyone but ive been using the editor since the original OMSI 1 was released (2011), so im not sure what learning is like now but i still dont know everything. I had a little map made a few years into working with the editor, granted not a great...
  16. BigOmsiFan

    New Map

    It takes many hours to get good at the editor, just be patient and spend more time working stuff out.
  17. BigOmsiFan

    Anyone remember Fikcyjny Szczecin?

    Could just be a case of working privately, tends to be the case on a lot of projects to give some element of surprise.
  18. BigOmsiFan

    Buses ADL Enviro 200 MMC

    I thought that's what you were anyway? Surely should be used to it ;) @LeylandNationalStagecoach You should well do your own omsi 2 radio show going mad about new releases, you could easily fit the bill there haha. Back onto topic, congrats on getting this bad boy finished my good man. @V3D
  19. BigOmsiFan

    Anyone remember Fikcyjny Szczecin?

    Fair enough, sadly my adblock behaves oddly on some sites even when its disabled. 🤷‍♀️ Someone's sent me a link to it anyway.
  20. BigOmsiFan

    Anyone remember Fikcyjny Szczecin?

    I do remember the old omsi 1 Szczecin map, i recall having quite a few problems with it at first but when working they were pretty decent, im actually surprised there is a V3 in the works to say the least. Is there supposed to be something in the big blank area of this post? or is it just me