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    AI pack Whistlehead

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    Tutorial Exporting from GMax to OMSI 2

    Minor update: To register GMax, you now need to go to TurboSquid -- gmax Registration
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    Omsi 2 X Converter Not Working

    The red circle means it's converting. Be patient, it takes a while. Also, files over a certain size cause the converter to crash, large models often have to be split into pieces to get around this.
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    Maps Gainsborough

    Then you clearly haven't got all of them :) For one thing there are only two splines which aren't included in the download, one is in the BTV pack and the other is a default spline, so I have no idea how you've achieved 60 missing. Try redownloading and make sure you install everything in the...
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    Maps Gainsborough

    @Sambob_12 has uploaded a hotfix for those of you experiencing problems with the Scania sceneryobject:
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    Maps Gainsborough

    While the HOF isn't fully set up, you can use the in cab controls in most buses - simply enter the route number as the Ziel code (eg 00100 for the 1) and the destination as the trip code (001 for NiS, 002 for route 1, etc - they're just sequential)
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    OMSI & OMSI 2 Videos

    (reupload due to video encoding issues)
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    OMSI & OMSI 2 Screenshots

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    Maps Box Hill (fictional)

    I'm interested in this model system - are you editing the model, if so, how, and have you worked out a method of exporting it to OMSI yet? Let me know, any means of tapping into a readily accessible asset resource is of interest to me
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    Scenery Bus Wash

    If you're making a fictional building like this, look for references you can use - the bus wash needs to be big enough to fit a bus, and the building needs to be big enough to fit the bus wash - so start with the size of a bus and work outwards For real buildings, you can use the ruler in...
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    Scenery Bus Wash

    Grundorf with five minutes of tarmac and object placement. If I was redoing Farthington it would look a hell of a lot better than that
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    Midsomer Counties (WIP)

    May I suggest, now you're making a WIP instead of a question thread, that you post a new thread in the WIP section? Posts in help threads are ordered by upvotes, which means everything will get jumbled up very quickly
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    Scenery Bus Wash

    whistlehead submitted a new download: Bus Wash - A functional bus wash scenery object Read more about this download...
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    Bus Wash 1

    A simple, functional bus wash (i.e. allows vehicles to be cleaned through the OMSI alt-menu) to help complete depot scenes.
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    Maps Gainsborough

    Thread reinstated at author's request ;)
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    What are you missing these files from?
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    Intel Core i5 Settings OMSI 2

    That's not really enough information to go on. Most importantly: - What kind of i5 is it? The range covers everything from a 2014 dual core at 1.6GHz to a 2019 hex core at 4GHz+. - What maps are you talking about? Grundorf and other simple maps are quite easy to run at 30, even 60+ FPS. Berlin...
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    Maps Manly ACT THREE

    Could you post the results of Maptools here? If you are missing a static vehicle, as with any other object that will cause the map to fail to load
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    Utility Software Sceneryobject Conversion Utility

    Quick note: If anyone is still getting the cube in their models, just open Blender 2.79b, delete the default cube and hit ctrl+U. That'll deal with it. Apologies @Wulfrunian, I'm not sure what to suggest - if your PC crashed it's possible there's an underlying issue, or that a different file...
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    Beta Sceneryobject Conversion Utility - Blender 2.8x

    Quick update, Unfortunately Blender 2.8x no longer supports DirectX import/export. I've redirected the Blender download link to the last version with this feature enabled.