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  1. Road-hog123

    I need a file

    It's not a default file, just a modification of default content placed into a default folder. I have ranted about this before, it makes support an absolute pain. Is it Vehicles\MAN_F90\MAN_parked_F90.sco or Sceneryobjects\MAN_F90\MAN_parked_F90.sco?
  2. Road-hog123

    E200 MMC Repaint Template Issues

    You want your paint layer on the bottom set to normal, the grey mask layer (mmc200_89_body - colour.png) above it also set to normal, and the AO layer (mmc200_89_body.png) on top set to multiply. You can add another normal layer on the top with the UV map (mmc200_89_body_uv.png), it shows the...
  3. Road-hog123

    Buses Scania Omnicity N230UD

    Replace the space with an @, that's the character OMSI uses to add line breaks in text strings. As you'll want a line break only on the rear, you'll probably need to write a script that searches the numberplate string for a space and saves a version with a line break to a different variable for...
  4. Road-hog123

    Mini Game: Name that bus!

  5. Road-hog123

    Train Spotting

    This one was 190 minutes late, and I'm almost a month late in posting it here...
  6. Road-hog123

    Triggerliste Wird Geladen

    It's "loading" the trigger list - i.e. going through every script of every installed bus and finding all the triggers that you could want to assign a button press to. It used to do that every time you opened the settings window, but now it only does it when you first go to the controllers...
  7. Road-hog123

    White Bus Stop Dash

    No, a proper manual is one of the many major improvements on my list for BRDP3.
  8. Road-hog123

    Buses ADL Enviro 200 MMC

    That's not a variable, that's a call to a system macro provided with OMSI itself. It was added in version 2.2, and the current version on Steam is 2.3.004. You shouldn't be getting that error unless you've somehow got yourself an older version of OMSI.
  9. Road-hog123

    White Bus Stop Dash

    Well they sure are white now... it's possible to view older streetview imagery if there's any available, that might tell you if they originally painted those lines white or if they're just really faded.
  10. Road-hog123

    White Bus Stop Dash

    Can you provide a photo of the marking in question (e.g. a link to Google Streetview)? The dashed part of a Bus Stop Clearways should not be marked in white except in Northern Ireland, and I don't believe Blackpool is in NI... If you're sure it's got a 1000 mm dash with 1000 mm gap, you can use...
  11. Road-hog123

    Buses Not Permitted on Fellowsfilm

    Added NE×TP Dual-Door E200MMC.
  12. Road-hog123

    TSLP AI List problem

    "texture not found in mesh file" is a warning, not an error, and is not caused by missing files. The errors are "Integeruberlauf: AMUAV.CNAVO.MV.S" and "Integeruberlauf: AMUAV.CNAVO.MV.U". Looking at your AI list, after [aigroup_2] there should be a name, a blank line and then a list of...
  13. Road-hog123

    Buses Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 MMC

    The "iBus display" is a standard Hanover interior display, so the two will look very similar. The only difference is whether a Hanover DG3 or Siemens iBus/IBIS Plus is used to send data to it.
  14. Road-hog123

    can a bus depot be added to cotterell?

    There's a lot of things Cotterell could benefit greatly from... a fuel station, a bus depot, the other half of the route, more routes, rebuilding the whole thing as a real map of Bath with real buildings... but until further notice:
  15. Road-hog123

    Answered Change/add [matl] to a cfg?

    FYI you can put multiple repaints into a single CTI file, if that's easier to work with.
  16. Road-hog123

    Grille Placement on Optare Solos

    The musical gearbox is the AT545, the 2000 series is the quiet one. The redesign of the valve assembly to convert from hydraulic to electronic control is presumably what put paid to the whistles. The 2000 also has a lockup clutch, so is more efficient when cruising.
  17. Road-hog123

    Answered Change/add [matl] to a cfg?

    They're just text identifiers, so as long as they're unique the actual text used shouldn't make any difference at all. omsi_rnc_add_tex was used to signify that a particular identifier was added by the OMSI Repaint Naming Convention and fton_texchange indicates it was added by Whistlehead for...
  18. Road-hog123

    Answered Change/add [matl] to a cfg?

    The default textures used by a mesh are defined in the O3D file itself. The [matl] tag selects a material from the O3D file by texture name for the purpose of adding effects to it. I'm guessing you want to make an extra texture repaintable, in which case you want to look at the top of the model...
  19. Road-hog123


    Showbus 2016 was before the release of the C400R, so different sounds at Showbus were replaced with the ones currently in the C400R. They have been replaced since however, so all variants of the C400 will use the same, newer, sounds.
  20. Road-hog123

    'Complete to' does not work on Z-axis in SDK

    If the connecting splines exist in the Map Editor, you can use complete to with an invis spline, then copy the values from the invis splines into path segments in the Crossing Editor. Otherwise you can use the lengths of the path segments in a flat complete-to and the height gain to calculate...