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  1. David.Ikaël

    ETS & ATS Screenshots

    Early in the morning :)
  2. David.Ikaël

    ETS & ATS Screenshots

    Yeah, I work for quite a lot of companies 😄
  3. David.Ikaël

    OMSI & OMSI 2 Screenshots

    Hi guys ! Coming from, I didn't have the opportunity to upload OMSI 2 pictures. Now I can :)
  4. David.Ikaël and merger

    Thank you for welcoming us ! Now let's get familiar with this "new" website :)
  5. David.Ikaël

    TruckSim Introductions

    Welcome :)
  6. David.Ikaël

    TruckSim Introductions

    Welcome, long time trucker ! :)
  7. David.Ikaël

    TruckSim Introductions

    Welcome @Russ86 ! :)
  8. David.Ikaël

    TruckSim Introductions

    Welcome here @Volleybal4life ! :)
  9. David.Ikaël

    SCS Blog: Creating some buzz

    Source : Would you beelieve us if we told you there is more to come? With another map expansion in the works for release later this year, we thought to tease you a little bit with this short video before we make any sort of official...
  10. David.Ikaël

    What are you currently listening to? #3

    Those are songs I like to listen to while driving :)
  11. David.Ikaël

    TruckSim Introductions

    Welcome here @Spedition LB ! :)
  12. David.Ikaël

    TruckSim Introductions

    Hi, welcome to Trucksim ! :)
  13. David.Ikaël

    SCS Blog: Road to the Black Sea

    Source: Where do those new roads lead to? It's the question many of you in the community have been speculating over the past few months, and today we are excited to announce our next Euro Truck Simulator 2 map expansion - Road to the Black...
  14. David.Ikaël

    New Volvo XXL Cab

    I like their 1-minute videos, it's very easy to watch ! They did more, available on this playlist. :)
  15. David.Ikaël

    SCS Blog: 1.35 Preview Stream Episode 1 + Tobii Giveaway!

    Source: We have been teasing you over the past few weeks with lots of exciting new content for the upcoming 1.35 update, both for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. We hope that you are as excited as we...
  16. David.Ikaël

    SCS Blog: Estonian Birthday

    Source: The release of Beyond the Baltic Sea brought five countries to the world of Euro Truck Simulator 2, including Estonia, which celebrates its 101st birthday on February 24th. To mark this special occasion, we have updated the...
  17. David.Ikaël

    TruckSim Introductions

    Welcome here @Shadowcaster ! :)
  18. David.Ikaël

    ATS and ETS2 Update 1.34

    Source: After the content-loaded updates from previous months, 1.34 is a relatively small maintenance update serving primarily to introduce new content prepared by our vehicle department. The next big things planned need more time in...
  19. David.Ikaël

    MAN TGX E6 coming soon !

    Hi guys ! SCS posted an interesting video on YT. It reveals "something ready to go"... The description says "a missing member is about to join the pack" I'm pretty sure that under these lights is hidden the MAN Euro 6 ! It looks like it's finally coming to the game. :)
  20. David.Ikaël

    TruckSim Introductions

    Welcome to the forum... and well, let's hope the issue will be fixed !