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  1. Sambob_12

    ETS & ATS Screenshots

    Went on a tour to Ukraine
  2. Sambob_12

    ETS & ATS Screenshots

    Looking slightly out of place in this thread I think Coach: link Repaint by me - based on YN13 AVV of Galloway Coach Travel
  3. Sambob_12

    Repaints Ipswich Repaint's [C400R]

    shhhh nothing happened! ;)
  4. Sambob_12

    Maps Yorkshire Counties

    The IBIS codes are all in the readme which is included in the download :)
  5. Sambob_12

    Fixed Large text in emails

    The text is rather large in recent emails. The first one like this was received on 31/01/2019. It's the same on phone and PC
  6. Sambob_12

    Uk gemini 2 london destination coming With *B

    Go into the hof file and remove the unwanted characters. You can open hof files with notepad, hof suite, hof creator etc.
  7. Sambob_12

    HOF Files Yorkshire Counties ALX400 Blinds

    sambob_12 submitted a new download: Yorkshire Counties ALX400 Blinds - ALX400 London spec blinds for Yorkshire Counties 2.0 Read more about this download...
  8. Sambob_12

    Yorkshire Counties ALX400 Blinds 1

    This is a blind set for the Yorkshire Counties 2.0 map. It is loosely based on blinds used in London, and is only the white coloured blinds. Do not reupload this to any other site without seeking permission from the author (@sambob_12) first. Credits: @Whiskey.Stuffs for the Yorkshire...
  9. Sambob_12

    Bus Mods Badger's Volvo B9TL Engine mod!

    The download link is in the dependency section of the download page for this mod
  10. Sambob_12

    HOF Files Yorkshire Counties Krueger Hof

    sambob_12 submitted a new download: Yorkshire Counties Krueger Hof - Krueger++ hof file for Yorkshire Counties 2.0 Read more about this download...
  11. Sambob_12

    Yorkshire Counties Krueger Hof 1

    This is a hof file for the Yorkshire Counties v2.0 map to make the destinations look nicer. This will work with any bus that uses a Krueger++ display, such as: Citaro Facelift UK ALX400R with Krueger++ mod C400R with Krueger++ mod I am happy for you to distribute the hof file elsewhere...
  12. Sambob_12

    B7L Wright Eclipse link?

    The B7L Eclipse 1.5 is available in our download section, but unfortunately the Eclipse 1 isn't available anymore as far as I know.
  13. Sambob_12

    Maps Bristol Airport

    Those are all included with the map download. Make sure you've read the readme thoroughly and install it exactly as the instructions say.
  14. Sambob_12

    Bus Lights

    Could you provide some more details for what you're trying to do? e.g. the bus, and what exactly you are trying to do with the lights
  15. Sambob_12

    Maps Keedlestone [Removed]

    @Xx0VERK1LLxX as it says in the post you quoted, send @Fellowslothb a message and he should be able to help you :)