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    vienna bus

    hi all. i just brought the vienna map but cant seem the find the bus can anyone tell me the bus name in the vehicles option please. thanks
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    OMSI & OMSI 2 Screenshots

    it is nice to have a mixture on there between the DW and T's but i suppose when GAL gets them knowing them there will be a mixture at times aswell. i like the MMC's but i reckon the WVL's will appear on there aswell
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    OMSI & OMSI 2 Screenshots

    ah, didnt know that, i wouldnt of thought the 289 would move to TC as the 289 route goes past the depot, they shouldnt of closed the depot in beddington i think, the 410 and 450 also my local routes, i dont get y they put the 450 in N that should of gone to TH aswell in my opinion
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    OMSI & OMSI 2 Screenshots

    yeah i know, the 157 is my local route to croydon, only reason the buses come from n weekdays n sat is cos they aint got space in TH garage, it is always TH drivers every time though, i think though when arriva lose the 197 soon i reckon 157 may come out of TC or move another route from TH to...
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    OMSI & OMSI 2 Screenshots

    is that on a sunday? 157 comes out of n mon-sat :D
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    OMSI & OMSI 2 Screenshots

    i found this map to download but no hof file was included? did u have to make your own?
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    Scunthorpe bus station drop off

    i get this aswell, i go out of the exit round to the front then it will tell u what stop u have to be at and that should be it then
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    OMSI & OMSI 2 Screenshots

    where can i get this bus please?
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    What's on your workbench?

    how do u opne the back doors on this bus please? i cant seem to do it
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    anyone know where i can get this file please?

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    Yorkshire Map Won't load

    that's because you're missing some files, if im correct omsi 2 wont load map's properly if splines are missing
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    V3D ALX400 Discussion

    yep they are
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    V3D ALX400 Discussion

    he did post that he is away from his computer till later tonight i've donated n still waiting n im sure i will get the link so i not worried, ya just gotta wait
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    V3D ALX400 Discussion

    ive just donated, he did do a post on facebook saying he is away from his computer and will deal with new donations later tonight, so hopefully we get it tonight,
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    Maps Yorkshire Counties [Removed]

    thought so but wanted to make sure, just downloaded it now, thanks
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    Maps Yorkshire Counties [Removed]

    im missing one file can anyone help stevo buildings\lcc cottage estate repaint\vic_terraced_1.sco thanks
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    Who plays Berlin Spandau 2.2.3?

    didnt know there was 1?
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    hettingsthorpe v2

    where did u find it?
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    OMSI 2: SCANIA K320UB Custom Coaches CB80

    i dont think anyone is gonna make the bus for u to be honest, it takes alot of time and work to do it, perhaps look on you tube for blender tutorials?
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    V3D ALX400 Discussion

    ex london