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  1. EddieStobartspotter

    ETS & ATS Screenshots

    Cessna 172 crashed in Italy today! Hope no one died :(
  2. EddieStobartspotter

    ETS & ATS Screenshots

    D.R MacLeod of Stornoway's Volvo FH750 is seen here in london on her way up to Wick!
  3. EddieStobartspotter

    ETS & ATS Screenshots

    Pollock Scania R450 seen here in Lille.
  4. EddieStobartspotter


  5. EddieStobartspotter

    Enviro 200XLB

    Lothian has a few E400XLB! Saw them yesteday. Stunning buses. They are for the companies 100 years of operations! Congrats Lothian!
  6. EddieStobartspotter

    ETS & ATS Screenshots

    Scharzmuller's Scania S730 show truck is seen here parked at a service station between Aberdeen and Edinburgh.
  7. EddieStobartspotter

    ETS & ATS Screenshots

    Darchelle zau's Cowboy themed Peterbilt is seen here parked up with a dinky(1 axle nickname) in a location I can't remember where.
  8. EddieStobartspotter

    Maps Arkala

    Map looking great! Can't wait to drive on this with the *Wheeze* Streetdeck and *Cough* Streetlite.
  9. EddieStobartspotter

    Please Help Omsi community (Colquart)

    They will be VERY hard to find now. But if you use the Wayback Machine you MAY find them.
  10. EddieStobartspotter

    Some of my reskins that iv made (PRIVATE RESKINS, NOT FOR PUBLIC USE)

    Very nice! Is one of them a model railway?
  11. EddieStobartspotter


    Hang on. You need the original. Got it thank you so much! Have a follow my friend! Where can I get the original? As that is needed. You need the original.
  12. EddieStobartspotter


    What's that? OMG IT'S THE MAP! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Also it won't work. By that I mean it won't install.
  13. EddieStobartspotter

    No problem friend!

    No problem friend!
  14. EddieStobartspotter

    General Aviation Screenshots

    Nice! I have the PMDG 777 but stuff won't work. I paid nearly 100 dollers for it.
  15. EddieStobartspotter

    Have a follow! And Congrats on 100 posts!!

    Have a follow! And Congrats on 100 posts!!
  16. EddieStobartspotter

    Repaint Request Thread

    I will come back.
  17. EddieStobartspotter

    Repaint Request Thread

    "Show support." You kicked me from the server.
  18. EddieStobartspotter

    No problem buddy. :)

    No problem buddy. :)