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  1. stc350

    Leyland Olympians in 2019?

    I doubt there's any, most operators require DDA compliant buses now. I've been working at a company that has close to 15 Volvo Olympians now but they ain't allowed on public routes
  2. stc350

    Bus Spotting

    We have its sister R504 UWL and R506 UWL here at Imperial Coaches... Lovely motors to drive!
  3. stc350

    Mini Game: Name that bus!

    Yeah they are confusing as they never had a proper name. They just called them an 80s style body instead of a proper name! It was proper confusing as some were rear engined, some were mid and some were very long and some were short as f*ck! ahha
  4. stc350

    Mini Game: Name that bus!

    It's actually an East Lancs 1984' styled double deck body. These were Volvo B10M's, Leyland Olympians, Dennis Dominators and Scania N112 And N113's. These had a weird front top on them as they had a 'droop nose' The one pictured is an East Lancs bodied Volvo B10M-50 from 1989. It's had a...
  5. stc350

    Mini Game: Name that bus!

    You're very close but it is not a vyking but it is a B10.. The front isn't original hehe
  6. stc350

    Mini Game: Name that bus!

    This'll be a hard one... I get this to school everyday hehe
  7. stc350

    OMSI & OMSI 2 Screenshots

    How'd you get the fog lights?
  8. stc350

    What's on your workbench?

    That Volvo Olympian is looking beautiful! I'm starting work on an Alexander RL Olly soon!
  9. stc350

    New PC Spec for OMSI 2 Add-On London

    This is a good video i have my settings like this, Try it. If i was to suggest an upgrade, it would be that graphics card. I'd look at getting a 1060 or something as that I7 4770 Has a few more years left in it.
  10. stc350

    New PC Spec for OMSI 2 Add-On London

    From my testings the actual minimum requirements are: Anything better than an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Anything with the power of a 750ti or better. 8GB Ram but i have ran OMSI On 6 Without issues. Windows 7 or newer Anything better than this will DEFINITELY run OMSI 2 Without a problem: Intel...
  11. stc350

    Buses Wright Eclipse Urban (Euro 4) (On Hold)

    When will the model be going into game?
  12. stc350

    Starting a new project?

    I'm currently learning Blender to make a Volvo Olympian with Alexander RL Bodywork based off the ones that Stagecoach once owned. There will be no London spec, Just a Basic D10A And ZF Ecomat, Bench seats, Flipdot or LED Orange display, all standard UK Spec. That's if it goes to plan though...
  13. stc350

    Repaints Enviro 200 Repaint and Enhancement pack

    Will it be able to have UK Registrations on it?
  14. stc350

    Buses Wright Eclipse Urban (Euro 4) (On Hold)

    Interesting, Shall defo have these on order!
  15. stc350

    Repaints Enviro 400LH (Looks like an MMC) UK Enhancement Pack (On Hold Due to Data Loss)

    It could be converted to single door. The length won't be like UK Spec but sure it will make it look a little better, I've always considered converting the E400 To single door and putting UK Seating inside along with an entire new cab and proper LED screens to remove the awful ones that most HK...
  16. stc350

    Which Olympian Is Best Olympian?

    All i know is a local operator here in the UK Has their eyes out on some of the Tri axel Olympians.
  17. stc350

    Which Olympian Is Best Olympian?

    Ah, a local operator who i get on well with are looking to import some of the Ex HK Volvo's
  18. stc350

    Which Olympian Is Best Olympian?

    That's an Alexander body though?
  19. stc350

    Buses Wright Gemini 3 Pack

    It's on hold due to lack of textures and sounds i believe.
  20. stc350

    What buses or scenery would you like in OMSI?

    I personally think OMSI Needs a true Volvo Olympian in UK Spec. I'd love to see an Alexander RL Or RH Like the ones in my photos below. These are Ex Stagecoach examples of RL Olympians from 1996, 1997 and 1998. The other bus in the middle isn't an Olly that's an East Lancs bodied Volvo B10M With...