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  1. EvadRave

    Maps Buses of the Westcountry (BotW)

    Download Farthington it includes the missing objects.
  2. EvadRave

    Maps [UKDT] Cotterell

    Select load map without buses then select Cotterell from the list.
  3. EvadRave

    approval times

    Bear in mind the team have to test everything in their spare time so it may take quite a while for things to be approved, it would all go faster if people checked our requirements before uploading so they only needed testing once.
  4. EvadRave

    Maps Yorkshire Counties

    @jonesal777 Download Flora 3, it is linked in the dependencies and on the required downloads list for this map.
  5. EvadRave

    Maps [UKDT] Cotterell

    Load map without buses then select Cotterell from the list.
  6. EvadRave

    OMSI & OMSI 2 Screenshots

  7. EvadRave

    need help to find some objects
  8. EvadRave

    Mini Game: Name that bus!

    Leyland Atlantean Northern Counties Paladin (rebody)
  9. EvadRave


    Nobody knows besides Rhys himself.
  10. EvadRave

    flora 2

    [UKDT] Flora
  11. EvadRave

    Maps [UKDT] Cotterell

    @catjat91 Load without buses option before choosing the map.
  12. EvadRave

    Maps Scunthorpe

    @afliebear019_maggie Them objects are included in the main download for the map.
  13. EvadRave

    Maps Buses of the Westcountry (BotW)

    @Terelle.robinson Read the readme included with the map it gives links to everything you need to run the map.
  14. EvadRave

    Repaints Stagecoach Scania Citywide

    EvadRave submitted a new download: Stagecoach Scania Citywide - Fictional Stagecoach repaint for the Scania Citywide Read more about this download...
  15. EvadRave

    Stagecoach Scania Citywide 1.0

    This is a fictional repaint of Stagecoach for the Scania Citywide.
  16. EvadRave


    @SplashDownGaming There will be no MMC variant only the standard 200/400.
  17. EvadRave

    Merry christmas

    Merry Christmas to you all, I hope you have a great day. :)
  18. EvadRave

    Maps [UKDT] Cotterell

    @larrytan Read Road-hog123's last message a few posts up.
  19. EvadRave


    @busmadguyuk The Add-On will be fairly priced to reflect the amount of content you will receive, Remember it contains a vast amount of routes and several buses.
  20. EvadRave

    Maps Yorkshire Counties [Removed]

    As Road-hog posted earlier today Cotterell had an update and no longer contains certain files used by this map.