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  1. Road-hog123

    Train Spotting

    DR73939 this afternoon:
  2. Road-hog123

    Maps [Official DLC] London (NO RELEASE DATE YET)

    Next up in things I changed ages ago but never put into an update post, the dashboard screen! Icons from left to right: Next Stop Request - Indicates that the request button for the next stop has been pushed Low External Temperature - Indicates that the outside temperature is 3°C or below and...
  3. Road-hog123

    Answered Light positioning in the model.cfg file

    Hopefully this gives you the info you need: Quick Reference: Keywords - Road-hog123's OMSI Wiki
  4. Road-hog123

    Maps [Official DLC] London (NO RELEASE DATE YET)

    Time for an update. :) For those of you that haven't been seen it mentioned before, in addition to the free standalone Citybus400 Regional and the Citybus400 that comes with your purchase of Addon London, there will be a Citybus400 Regional Dual-Door, or C400RD. This will use components from...
  5. Road-hog123

    Best Software to record games

    Nvidia's ShadowPlay and AMD's ReLive are only applicable if you have a graphics card that supports them. They will offer less performance overhead than other options, because they use hardware on the card to do some of the work rather than the CPU, but this comes at the expense of rather fixed...
  6. Road-hog123

    Starting a new project?

    A semi-fictional shortened route between the two would be fitting with what Cotterell is and be less work, might be worth considering? Cotterell doesn't use world coordinates, and so doesn't use DEM or aerial imagery - the amount of work needed to integrate the whole of Cotterell into a...
  7. Road-hog123

    Maps Bristol Airport

    I checked the bus bollard object and it doesn't have anything to tell OMSI not to treat it as collidable, and I most definitely collided with it myself. Adding [nocollision] fixed it. I couldn't find any boundingboxes to collide with in the long stay area, and haven't experienced that issue...
  8. Road-hog123

    What's on your workbench?

    So, here's my 2 cents on getting people to test something: 1. Ideally you'll send them a release candidate - a version fully packaged up as though you were going to upload it. That way they can check the readme, dependency list, etc. as well as the map itself. Ideally you'll let them know about...
  9. Road-hog123

    Bowdenham v4 download?

    Unfortunately not. It was briefly reuploaded by Dazza himself back in July, but there were numerous issues so it was taken down again so he could fix it in peace. As he is a busy person, he hasn't been able to get it reuploaded yet.
  10. Road-hog123


    Spoke with Rhys, the Facebook page has been intentionally unpublished. The only Discord specifically for the addon is for the developing and beta-testing teams and therefore not available to the general public.
  11. Road-hog123


    It looks like people are still using it, particularly the Germans, to make their salvaged dashboards work with OMSI. Alas I don't know any Brits that have done anything since Gazz in the video above. :(
  12. Road-hog123


    I shall answer your question with the same answer that was given to you the last time you asked that question: The map is based between 2015 and 2017. Any changes that occurred before 2015 will not be implemented - you won't get magically get AEC Routemasters, The Great Fire of London or any...
  13. Road-hog123

    Fixed Editing a Conversation Group does not let your remove participants

    Create a Conversation Group: Edit the Conversation Group to add participants: Participants are added to Conversation Group correctly: Edit the Conversation Group again to remove participants: Observe that participants are not removed from the Conversation Group:
  14. Road-hog123

    LOTUS Discussion

    Ignoring the cries for Lua scripting and instead deciding Pascal was better didn't bode too well for community interaction... but the changelog entries have quite a few mentions of community members, so they are at least listing to some suggestions and bug reports...
  15. Road-hog123

    Forza Horizon 4 Screenshots

    It's not UE4, it's an engine called "Forzatech" developed by the Forza developers specifically for Forza, in the same way that Oriolus are developing the LOTUS engine specifically for LOTUS. It's the difference between two developers with the assistance of a few community members and two...
  16. Road-hog123


    That video doesn't include the iBus at all? Just the Powerblinds being controlled by the beginnings of an ICU400. Either way, it isn't actually any worse at demonstrating the current functionality of the iBus... in theory, my code is well-written and a nice solution, but in reality OMSI has...
  17. Road-hog123

    Maps [UKDT] Cotterell

    Cotterell does not come with any announcements and the C400R does not play announcements, although it can be bodged to do so.
  18. Road-hog123

    Maps [UKDT] Cotterell

    @Redge ok, it's not that there's an error with the C400R preventing it appearing as I had suspected, the game isn't even trying to spawn any buses. What's your Schedule priority set to in the [AI-Traffic[/icode] tab of the Options?
  19. Road-hog123

    Road-hog123's British Road Detailing Pack 2 - Final (Version 2) Update 2.4

    Clutter: Fixed texture bleed bug with LED traffic light Added "No Waiting" Cone Added stack of road cones Improved road cone texture mapping Signs: Work-around for text-overflow map-bricking bug (destination and distance fields now occupy the full width of the sign) Added P620 variant "Except...
  20. Road-hog123

    Scenery Road-hog123's British Road Detailing Pack 2

    Road-hog123 updated Road-hog123's British Road Detailing Pack 2 with a new update entry: Final (Version 2) Update 2.4 Read the rest of this update entry...