The British Gamer

Hi there. I am ‘The British Gamer’. This is my online username for many things such as Discord, forums and YouTube, but most of you probably know me as Myles. I joined the community properly (UK side) on December the 29th in 2016, after many failed attempts of installing maps and buses, but I had finally worked out how to do it, all on my own too! The very first bus I installed was the Dennis Dart MPD, and I still drive it to this day! I found out about the forum after searching for ‘Omsi 2 Uk map’ and it led me to here. I was then welcomed to this amazing community! Since then, I developed an online personality, making friends along the way. I firstly made a VBC in early 2017, some of you may remember ‘Warwickshire Buses’ an ‘Virtual County Links’ 😂. I have also made Repaints (only one I released) which is old and outdated. I have developed (or tried to anyway) a couple of maps and one bus (The infamous Sketchup attempt of an Optare Solo). Most of you probably know me through discord, although some of you might just know me through this very Forum!! I have even been thanked for ‘how helpful I am’!! Thanks for reading this, and enjoy the rest of your day!
Hard Working Student (As if! :D)
Favourite Bus
Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC/ Wright Streetlite
Favourite OMSI Map
Yorkshire 2.0


Founder of The British OMSI Studios
My own discord server! The British Network