1. Members must be 13 or over
    You must be aged 13 years or older to register an account. Providing false details to avoid the age verification check is a bannable offence.
  2. One account per person
    Each person may register only a single account. Each member of a development team or any other group should have their own individual account. If you wish to change your username, open a username change request ticket. If there is more than one person using the same IP address, please open a ticket before registering a second account.
  3. Keep signatures short and sweet
    Signatures are limited to 128 px height (6 lines of default-sized text) and may not contain more than 1 image, contain images wider than 800 px, or be overly intrusive (e.g. including garish colours or distracting animated content). All other content rules also apply to signatures.
  1. Staff decisions are final
    Any decision made by a member of staff is final and is not to be disputed. Please address any complaints against any staff member to the Administration Team by opening a ticket.
  1. Be respectful
    Treat others as you'd expect to be treated. Be polite and don’t be rude. Keep it positive. Before you post, read what you're written and ask: "Is this stupid? Is this going to make someone angry or insulted? Does this add anything to the conversation?". Avoid any personal insults or comments which could cause offense.
  2. Don't bump threads
    Don't post on old threads simply to make them active again.
  3. Stay on topic
    Try not to delve off topic - keep to the thread's purpose.
  4. Don't backseat moderate
    Don't ‘backseat moderate’ (act as a moderator) and start policing the forums yourself. If you think a post needs to be removed or changed, report it. We respond quickly to reports.
  5. No illegal/inappropriate content
    Illegal or inappropriate content is strictly prohibited (e.g. pirated content, discussion of illegal activities, swearing, content unsuitable for viewing by children, etc.).
  6. No spam
    Spam (e.g. advertising, malware, scams, nuisance posting) is strictly prohibited.