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Buses [Official DLC] Masterbus Gen 3 Pack

This is the Masterbus Gemini 3 Pack for OMSI 2. This is the largest UK Bus pack for OMSI 2, with many different variants of similar buses.

  • v1.0: Initial Release (Q3 2019)
    • Freeware "Demo":
      • Streetdeck - 10.5m
    • Payware:
      • Streetdeck - 11.5m
      • Volvo B5LH - 10.5m + 11.5m
      • Volvo B5TL - 10.5m + 11.5m
  • v1.1: Earlier Days and Sunny Skies Update -...
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Maps The Oxford Project

Oxford. Situated in the South-East of England, and the 52nd largest city in the UK, it is home to the oldest English speaking university in the world. This project aims to bring a large chunk of Oxford into OMSI, with realistic scenery, and custom assets. This project will be released incrementally, with updates happening when I feel that they are suitable for release. This project has been ongoing since March of 2016, just before I arrived at...