Yorkshire Tiger for V3D's Digibus Phantom

V3D Digibus Phantom Yorkshire Tiger for V3D's Digibus Phantom 2.0

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Digibus Phantom:
These repaints are semi-fictional as Yorkshire Tiger did/do run Optare Spectras in real life, A step enterance low height in Arriva livery and a low floor that has only worn the old Yorkshire Tiger decker livery. Liveries included are the old version with stripes at the front and the new version with stripes at the rear to match the single deckers as well as a version in Arriva livery with Yorkshire Tiger logo.

Old and new livery is available on all variants, Logo only is only available on the Low Height variant.



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Latest Reviews

Another great repaint!
Very Good repaint, as I'm from west Yorkshire I see a lot of tiger vehicles...
Thank you :)