Yorkshire 2.0 Krüger HOF

Yorkshire 2.0 Krüger HOF 2.1

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This hof file is for Yorkshire 2.0 - Yorkshire Counties

This hof file is appropriated to function on the:
MAN A21 - RHD -- MAN A21 UK
Mercedes-Benz Citaro UK Pack -- Citaro Facelift UK
V3D Enviro 200 MMC -- Enviro 200 MMC

Krueger++ mod for London Citybus 400 Regional -- Modded C400R (Check dependencies for this mod)
Kruger Mod for the ALX400 by Belevenis Design -- Modded ALX400R (Check dependecies for this mod)
This is a HOF file, which adds a few cosmetic improvements to route displays, this is also compatible with my Yorkshire Announcement pack which is available to download from my profile.

README included with download.

IF you have an installation problem please contact in the support section please do not downvote this download.

This should work with any Krüger+ or Krüger ++ bus such as in the MAN A21 UK, the Citaro Facelift UK, and with mods the, C400R and the ALX400R (Mod links provided above).

This mod also enables the interior stop displays on the A21 and citaro. (Next Stop displays)


This has a second page that looks like this:

Route U36:


Currently it only supports routes U37 and U36

More routes will be supported in future versions. Apart from routes U37 and U36, and the interior displays, the hof file is unchanged from sambob_12's original file. More changes will follow.

This HOF file now supports ALL routes on the Yorkshire 2.0 Map.
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Latest updates

  1. V3D Update! - Support for E200MMC

    This update adds the support for the V3D Enviro 200 MMC.
  2. Update 2.0

    This HOF file now has all of the bus stops written in for onboard displays

Latest Reviews

works great! One issue. With the announcements, Batsby Woods does not seem to announce.
Very nice. Anyway to bring it for Masterdeck & the Streetlite
Unfortunately those buses are not fit with Kruger displays. Whilst possible that someone may create a mid that adds this feature, until then, this pack will not be compatible with any of the current masters witch studio products. If there is any change, I'll be sure to update this is due course.
Works great apart from a slight problem with the 17 and 17A destination blind goes off and comes back on for some reason
There isn't a problem on my side so could be an issue with the bus display?
Amazing work with hof.
Works perfectly for me!