YellowBus (RATP) ALX400 London Repaints

YellowBus (RATP) ALX400 London Repaints V1.99

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V3D's OMSI2 Transbus ALX400 London 1.03a:
TransBus ALX400 (London Spec)
Well, I never thought I'd be going back to doing download pages like this, but boy is this so much easier. So a quick overview, this is the London Variant - Regional also available - pack for Yellow Buses or BTP, which includes:
*The standard seashell repaint with 248's interior
*The standard seashell repaint with DD248's interior
*MHD's rear advert repaint with 248's interior
*An array of blinds fitting to the current lines

But without that, just expect these to be completed to the highest quality I can provide, and for this update, you may not necessarily notice the exterior changes, but I assure you, they are better than the last. So download, enjoy and corse, read the god damn handbook.

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