Yellow Buses | Volvo B9TL Gemini 2 Reskin Pack

Beta Yellow Buses | Volvo B9TL Gemini 2 Reskin Pack 1.4

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Pack Contents
- Route 1 branded skin
- Route 3 branded skin - I am aware that IRL these are Gemini 3s however this will have to do until it is released
- Route 5 branded skin
- 'Ticketer Replica' ticket machine screens (not my best work just a quick last minute addition) to just have the original machine just select a non 'Ticketer Replica' skin

What I plan to add
- Yellow Buses 'Generic Grey' reskin as seen on 125 (BX12 CVO) 190 (BL14 LTJ) 191 (BL14 LTK)
- Full and accurate HOF file with correct destination codes (we get given a list of them ;))
- Variatons to bus adverts
- Different variations to the reskins

I am open to any suggestions you may have, just drop me a message on here I don't bite :p

Sneak preview of another WIP pack in the screenshots

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