Wrightbus Streetlite 11.5M - Arriva Kent & Surrey Sapphire 480/490

SP Lite Wrightbus Streetlite 11.5M - Arriva Kent & Surrey Sapphire 480/490 1.1

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Arriva Kent & Surrey Sapphire Branded 480/490 (Arriva Journey Mark 2018).
Version 1.1.

This repaint is based upon Arriva Kent & Surrey Sapphire 480/490 branded Wrightbus Streetlites.
The route joined the Sapphire brand in 2014, as Arriva has purchased 11 new vehicles as part of its ongoing replacement programme. The fleet was one of the first in the country to feature new micro-hybrid technology that harvests waste energy built up from braking and uses it to replenish the buses’ batteries. The 2014 batch left Northfleet Garage on 26th January 2019 and was redeployed to Guildford for further use on their Routes 34/35.
In 2019, brand new 11.5M Wrightbus Door Forward Daimler Streetlites entered service, replacing the existing batch that entered service in 2014. The new vehicles featured the new Arriva Journey Mark Sapphire livery with unique dedicated branding for routes 380/490.

2014 Batch: Check out on Flickr
2019 Batch: Check out on Flickr

Within this download:
I have added this repaint to the Cummins engined as well as the Daimler engined variant to add flexibility to those who prefer the different variants that are available.

Within this update 1.1:
Interior graphics adjusted
Wall graphics added
USB ports added to walls
Ceiling branding added
Ceiling colours adjusted
Window graphics changed, adjusted and added
Window ledges colour change (top)
Front panelling colour changed (above the cab)
USB ports changed on seatbacks
Seat textures adjusted
Wright emblem added to fold down seats



To install the repaint pack simply drag the folder and the .cti into your repaint folder
in the "Repaints" folder of the "[DLC] Studio Polygon Lite" folder:

OMSI 2 > Vehicles > [DLC] Studio Polygon Lite > Texture > Repaints > 11.5m > Cummins & Daimler > (Insert the "KK294" folder in here).

PLEASE DO NOT put the .cti file into the "KK294" folder please put it in the "Repaints_Branded" folder as the repaint will not work If you put the .cti file inside the "KK294" folder.



Bus: Studio Polygon
Advertboards: Frosty
Default Sapphire flooring: Studio Polygon


This repaint was uploaded to Fellowsfilm.com and VirtualBus.co.uk, but you can also find the repaint link on Facebook/The National OMSI Community.com so if you find this repaint anywhere else except the two places above please notify me.
this repaint was uploaded by KK294
thanks, I hope you enjoy it!

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