Wilts & Dorset (more) repaint pack

Wilts & Dorset (more) repaint pack 2.0

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hi all this update adds a new repaint the more-2011 era like bellow

Changes Version 2.0
* added new repaint the more-2011

There is 1 know bug with this repaint but it is due to the vehicle not the repaint so sadly i cant fix it image bellow:

Another repaint will be out soon :)
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hi all this update is to fix a few bugs with text being cut of by the wheel arches and some images on the More_air repaint and also some text fault with the address on the more_old repaint.

Changes Version 1.1
* bug where text was being cut by the wheel arches
* Error on Legal lettering on address on the More_old repaint
* Changed some images to be higher on the More_air repaint

Another repaint will be out soon :)