Wilts & Dorset (more) repaint pack

Wilts & Dorset (more) repaint pack 2.0

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Required vehicles:
volvo b7l eclipse 1.5
london city bus C400R
more buses to come :)
Hi all welcome to my Wilts & Dorset (more bus) repaint pack. version 1.0

The current liveries are:
wilts and dorset more 2004-2010
more airshow livery 2009

There are more repaints to come but currntly a W.I.P


The volvo eclipse 1.5 livery will come with optional interior colours and also new seat textures for the selected repaints.
Read the read-me file for more info

volvo eclipse 1.5 wilts and dorset more livery

volvo eclipse 1.5 more airshow livery 2009

If you have any of your own Wilts & Dorset (more) or if u edit any of these let me know please :)

This will be required for the Wimborne & Poole map when released
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Wilts & Dorset
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Latest Reviews

great stuff as always!
Amazing repaint keep it up
Very good. Will Damory be included in the map?
Wilts & Dorset
Wilts & Dorset
Yes it will also version 3 adds a new bus which is pending approval
Love this, been waiting for someone to do this bus and here it is. Cant wait for more buses to come !!!
Excellent Repaint Cant wait for the map i just want to ask where do you get those destinations from because i tried to get the hanover ones but they did not work so i had to reinstall the whole bus
Wilts & Dorset
Wilts & Dorset
Which ones are you looking at so I can help the ones in the air show picture or the other
Perfect! Cant't wait for the map!
Wilts & Dorset
Wilts & Dorset
Version 2.0 of this pack is pending approval and the map will be worked on Saturday as I'm away
best repaint so far