Wilts & Dorset ALX 400 Repaint Pack [V1.0]

Wilts & Dorset ALX 400 Repaint Pack [V1.0] V1.0

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An amazing, amazing repaint pack!!!
Having travelled on buses with both these liveries pretty often (2013 and before), I must say that this is really a quality product, many thanks for creating it!!

Suggestion Area:

I find it a bit weird that the dash and rest of the bus' interior is a dark blue, since the real Wilts and Dorset Spectra buses always had grey dashes and interior ones. I'd really appreciate it if you'd change the interior to the grey one in both of these in the next update (if you update this pack). :)

Also, I've noticed that, although these seat fabrics are Wilts and Dorset, they're the modern ones. I think that, since the ALX400 is older, the older shades of Grey and Red fabrics would be more appropriate. ;)
And I'd leave the floor just grey, without the blue fabric. I mean, it's nice, but I've never seen anything like that in Wilts and Dorset buses.
BTW: I've seen that it still has Stagecoach posters inside. I can understand that you don't have better ones, I'd like to make some for you, PM me if you're interested!

Anyways, I'm really enjoying using these, it really brings back memories.
Thank you for 100% recreating these liveries!
a great repaint pack this is love it
Glad to see that you're back, keep up the good work!
Amazing work Rob! Keep it up!!
Fabulous work Rob! :)
Absolutely stunning repaints, I highly recommend!