Wayfarer 200 Standby Sound

Wayfarer 200 Standby Sound 1.0

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That sound gives me shivers down my back of memories xD brilliant stuff!
The Wayfarer works on the Volvo B9TL but not on the MAN A21 UK but it's great. Hear this most of the time in Arriva North West
Hi, Which version of the MAN A21 UK are you using in game?
Great mod, always heard this sound on enviro 200s
Works mint on the MAN A21 UK but how do I replace the ticket machine on the Volvo B9TL to the wayfarer 200 machine. I'm still stuck on the default ticket machine and I don't get the noise :::''''(((( Thanks
Hi, The Lothian versions of the Volvo B9TL contain the Wayfarer 200 Ticket Machine and that is the version you see in the video. Unfortunately i don't think it is possible to change the ticket machine in the other versions.
So THAT'S what that noise is...always wondered. Sounds great and I'm glad I've downloaded and installed it