[W.S] Transbus ALX400 Regional Repaint Pack

V3D ALX400 (Regional) [W.S] Transbus ALX400 Regional Repaint Pack v1.5

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Transbus ALX400 (Regional) Repaint Pack

This repaint pack will contain many non-fictional and fictional repaints for V3D's Transbus ALX400 Regional. This pack will be updated as frequently as possible, please send in some requests for this bus.


  • Reading Buses - New Generic "lines", Greenline Express 702 + Kennections
  • Skills Coaches of Nottingham
  • Arriva - Interurban 2009, Cotswold Stone 1999, MAX, New + Old Sapphire (Thanks to @TangoSierra)
  • First Bus - Bristol 6/7 + 3/4, Kernow Atlantic Coasters + Dorset Slowcoaster
  • Great Grundorf Motor Services + Great Grundorf Airport Motor Services
  • Bakers Dolphin
  • Big Lemon
  • Cotterell Konections + Cotterell Konections U18
  • Delaine
  • Fulley Transport for @FLHD
  • Go-Ahead ExpressLink
  • Harris Bus - Lakeside Link
  • M Travel
  • Seaford & District
  • Stagecoach - 700 Coastliner
  • Southern Vectis - Island Explorer
  • Mortons - tadRed
  • Clydeside Quicksilver
  • Imperial Coaches
  • Lothian - Harlequin MK1, Harlequin, 2016 Revised, East Coast Buses
  • First Heritage - Great Yarmouth Transport, Lowestoft Corporation and Eastern Counties
  • Kowloon-Canton Railway (Early)
  • NBC - Midland Red South
  • Blackpool Transport
  • Kowloon Motor Bus ATR101
  • Not England (Europe repaints) - RAPT Paris, DeLijn, Mayen' Voyages, Ter ALSACE + Chronoplus.
  • Cobra Travel (fictional)
  • Translink Urby
  • National Bus Co. - Stroud Valleys, Gloucester + Cheltenham
  • Stagecoach Gold - Unbranded and English Riviera branding
  • Arriva 2018 - Sapphire 35 branding (BoTW)
  • More to come...
Other bits
Any questions, concerns or enquiries, don't be afraid to PM me on Fellowsfilm or the support thread.
Do not upload/modify (unless for private use only) or claim it as your own!
Please read the Read Me for more information!

Go to Whiskey .Stuffs Repaints for more of my work!
More pictures

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Latest updates

  1. In v1.5 - Stagecoach Gold + Arriva New

    Added: Translink Urby National Bus Co. - Stroud Valleys, Gloucester + Cheltenham Stagecoach...
  2. In v1.4 - Many more repaints added, mix of Classic, modern and abroad.

    Addded Kowloon-Canton Railway (Early) NBC - Midland Red South Blackpool Transport Kowloon Motor...
  3. Added in v1.3 - First Heritage, Sachsen, Lothian and more

    Please note the First Heritage Repaints have now been completed with logo's

Latest Reviews

This reskin pack is really beyond amazing.
My favourite of the bunch has to be the SC Gold one. :)
Though I really love all 31.

Every single repaint is so insanely detailed, and the amount of reskins there are in this pack is only half of how grateful I am for this.

Thank you so so much for creating this masterpiece!!
Doesn't beat the C400R pack, but I've definitely improved on detail over the years.
10/10 for this 10/10 bus
Glad you're enjoying the pack!
Once again whiskey! Thanks so much for the pack which my 05 Reg ALX400's can now go into service as New sapphire on the 65!
Thanks, glad you enjoy them!
Just amazing. The detail is incredible. I get the 3/4 in Bristol in real life and it is spot on. The only different is in real life the 3/4 has grey leather seats. But other than that, perfect! Anyway I too am insteresed in design, maybe even in OMSI, so I was curious what design software do you use? Great job as always!
Thanks! I thought they still used the old First moquette, First are lazy like that! Glad you're enjoying my work, I use Photoshop to do the repaints.
The Lothian repaints are amazing! Great Job :)
Thanks, still annoyed with how they came out at the back, still can't get it to look quite right! But glad you enjoy them.
It is amazing, but could you make a Coastliner 700 repaint for the C400R? :)
Thanks, I've put it on my list!
Keep up the good work mate! :)
Will do! Hopefully you'll enjoy recent repaints for Yorkshire + Cranleigh.
Will you add First South Yorkshires Heritage liveries soon?
Btw Awesome repaints
Eventually, I've got so many request at the moment! Thanks for downloading!
I love these packs that you do. You are an awesome Repainter as well! These packs are very realistic!
Thanks, glad you enjoy them! Hope you enjoy the next update.
Great work Whiskey!! Your repainting skills are amazing, Would rate you 10 stars!!
Why thank you! Haha, I'm still learning new stuff!