[W.S] Transbus ALX400 London Repaint Pack

[W.S] Transbus ALX400 London Repaint Pack v1.2

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Transbus ALX400 (London Spec) Repaint Pack
bandicam 2018-01-18 00-49-41-316A.png

This repaint pack will contain many non-fictional and fictional repaints for V3D's Transbus ALX400 London Spec. This pack will be updated as frequently as possible, please send in some requests for this bus.


  • London "Classic" - Arriva "Cowhorn", First Capital, Go-Ahead London Central, London United, Metroline, Stagecoach
  • First Bristol - Brislington P&R, Portway P&R and Bristol P&R
  • Go Whippet
  • Rosso Bus Company
  • Long Win Bus New (LWB)
  • Hegobus
  • R.NET
  • Scania ALX (for @Badger ALX sound pack)
  • Hong Kong - Citybus (3 versions), KMB (3 versions), NWFB (2 versions) + LWB (Un-branded + Logo-ed)
  • Bluestar
  • Cardinal Buses
  • Plain White
  • More to come...
Other bits
Any questions, concerns or enquiries, don't be afraid to PM me on Fellowsfilm or the support thread.
Do not upload/modify (unless for private use only) or claim it as your own!
Please read the Read Me for more information!

Go to Whiskey .Stuffs Repaints for more of my work!
More pictures

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bandicam 2018-01-24 19-07-45-433A.png

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Latest updates

  1. Added in v1.2 - Southern Vectis, Seaford & District, Great Grundorf 2, Bakers Dolphin.

    Yes I know this is the Regional below but it looks like this on the London Spec! Sorry I don't...
  2. [ADDED in V1.1] Hong Kong Pack, Bluestar, Cardinal Coaches + Plain White

Latest Reviews

this is amazing good job man if i ever make a London AI list il include theses
Mainly moved onto the Regional now but still love this pack.
10/10 for a bus w/ limited repaints possiable
That's cool, glad you're liking the pack!
Brilliant as always
Thanks, glad you enjoy!
A very well done pack, they certainly look the part. Would you be able to add a Peoples Bus and Aintree Coachlines repaint to the pack please?
Thank you!! I know someone is making a Peoples Bus repaints but I can do Aintree Coachlines.
Superb work mate! Could you do a repaint of a Lothian Buses harlequin ALX400?
I have started one but never got around to finish it, it's quite hard to get right!
I like the reskins, Please can you do some First Kernow ones. :)
Will do, done one for the Regional just need to do some for the London Spec now!
Love these repaints. Requested one from him and within six hours he created it, added it to the pack, and uploaded it in the new version here on Fellowsfilm
No problem, sometimes I work quick sometimes I work slow.
More awesome work :D
Well thank you very much, also thanks for showing off my work on your channel!
These repaints are brilliant! Stagecoach London might be my favourite and I'm glad I can drive it. But that's not all. You have included a Whippet repaint! Quite a local bus (until they got rid of the ALX400s). Suggestion, the old Cambridge Park & Ride?
Thanks, I've got a rather long list at the moment so I'll see if I do Cambridge P&R at a later date.
Ayy nice that you made all the alx400 repaints that used to be in London
Especially that London Central Repaint, because you don't see a London Central ALX400 in London very often and you made a exact replica of one, Nice one! : )
No problem, I had to do all the good ol' London repaints before the 100% red rule. Thanks for downloading.