[W.S] MB O307 Repaint Pack

[W.S] MB O307 Repaint Pack v1.0

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Mercedes Benz O307 Repaint Pack
bandicam 2018-09-14 23-54-59-876A.png

This repaint pack will contain many non-fictional and fictional repaints for Perotinus MB O307 V2. This pack will be updated as frequently as possible, please send in some requests for this bus.


  • Arriva - Cotwold Stone 1999, Interurban 2009, Journey Mark 2018.
  • First - Barbie 1/3, Barbie 2 (fade), Olympia + South Glos Lynx
  • Brighton & Hove - BH1, BH2, BH2 Metro 5, 7, 49 + BH3
  • Stagecoach - Stripes + Beachball
  • Fastrack by Arriva (@Badger 's favourite)
  • National Bus Co. - Alder Valley Whippet + National Express Rapide
  • Scottish Citylink
  • Cobra Travel
  • Lothian - East Coast Buses + Lothian Motorcoaches
  • Hampstead Hoppa
  • London & Country
  • Oxford Bus Co. Cityline
  • Reading Buses "lines"
  • Sachsen IdealTours
  • Thamesdown
  • Transdev - Mainline
  • West Midlands Travel (thanks to @DJ98 )
  • More to come...
Other bits
Any questions, concerns or enquiries, don't be afraid to PM me on Fellowsfilm or the support thread.
Do not upload/modify (unless for private use only) or claim it as your own!
Please read the Read Me for more information!
Go to Whiskey .Stuffs Repaints for more of my work!

More pictures
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bandicam 2018-09-12 22-15-31-041A.png

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bandicam 2018-09-16 18-32-11-795A.png
bandicam 2018-09-16 21-49-01-128A.png
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