[W.S] MAN A21 UK Repaint Pack

[W.S] MAN A21 UK Repaint Pack v1.1

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MAN A21 UK Repaint Pack
bandicam 2018-04-21 00-36-27-985A.png

This repaint pack will contain many non-fictional and fictional repaints for Danielc's MAN A21 UK. This pack will be updated as frequently as possible, please send in some requests for this bus.


  • Lothian - New, East Coast Buses + Skylink
  • National Express - Coventry, Dundee + West Midlands
  • Stagecoach - South Downs Connections 1
  • Great Grundorf Motor Services + Great Grundorf Airport Services
  • Bluestar
  • Edinburgh Coach Lines
  • Norfolk Green
  • Travel Coventry and West Midlands (2 versions)
  • Stagecoach Portsmouth 23
  • Stagecoach Gold - English Riviera
  • Taf Valley Coaches
  • Blackpool Palladium
  • First Kernow
  • More to come...
Other bits
Any questions, concerns or enquiries, don't be afraid to PM me on Fellowsfilm or the support thread.
Do not upload/modify (unless for private use only) or claim it as your own!
Please read the Read Me for more information!
Go to Whiskey .Stuffs Repaints for more of my work!

More pictures
bandicam 2018-04-19 22-38-58-434A.png
bandicam 2018-04-22 22-59-18-569A.png
bandicam 2018-04-23 18-01-30-232A.png

bandicam 2018-05-02 23-06-47-784A.png

bandicam 2018-05-02 23-09-50-331A.png
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Latest updates

  1. In v1.1 - Not much really!

    Added: Stagecoach Portsmouth 23 Stagecoach Gold - English Riviera Taf Valley Coaches Blackpool...

Latest Reviews

10/10 would recommenced
Thanks for the review, hope you enjoy the rest of my work.
Fantastic! well done again! :)
Why thank you!! Glad you enjoy them.
Absolutely stunning! From the King of repaints!
Thanks!! I like that title "King of repaints"