[W.S] C400R Repaint Pack - 100 repaints!

UKDT C400R [W.S] C400R Repaint Pack - 100 repaints! v2.1

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C400R by UKDT
London Citybus C400 Regional Repaint Pack

Look below for NEW repaints + Screenshots

It contains:
Reading Buses Generic, Jetblack, Lion, Retro (30 years since de-regulation), Purple 17 and Yellow 26.
Plymouth Citybus Red, Blue, Green and Yellow Flash.
Norfolk Green
Salisbury Reds
Arriva Old
Stagecoach Stripes
First 'Barbie'
Dark Zone Gaming
Southwest Transport
Lodge's Coaches
Southwest Transport Anniversary
Devon General (Fictional)
Devon General 35 Branding (Fictional)
Arriva MAX
Arriva MAX 268 Branding
Aintree Coachline
Solent Blue Line
Scottish Bus Group - Central Scottish, Clydeside 2000, Clydeside Scottish, Eastern Scottish, Fife Scottish, Highland Scottish, Kelvin Scottish, Lowland Scottish, Midland Scottish, Northern Scottish, Strathtay Scottish, Strathtay 1990 and Western Scottish.
Kernow U1 U2 by First bus (New branding)
STI Thun New/Old
CTB - Citybus Limited
KMB - Kowloon Motor Bus
Bizkaia Bus New/Old
Crosville Cymru - 4 variations
Bowden Coaches (Fictional)
Morebus X3 Old
Metrobus Old
Mainline VBC
East Yorkshire Coaches
Lothian + East Coast Buses
Fastline Freight
GWR (new) + FGW 'Fag-Packet'
GM Buses + GM Express
Intercity Swallow
London Midland
National Bus Company - Welsh
Northern New + Old
Network Southeast
London Transport Omnibus 175th Anniversary
Transpennine Express
Swift VBC
First Kernow - The Tinner
GG2 - Motor Services + Airport Motor Services
Reading Buses - Claret Routes, Newbury Buses Retro, Kennections + Vamooz
National Bus Company - Trent Transpeak Old
Lothian - New, Skylink, East Coast Buses and Airlink (No Branding)
Tetley's Coaches
Western Greyhound
First - Slowcoaster + Tamar Link
Reading Buses Generic Old

ADDED V2.1 (check Recent Updates):
Transdev Lancashire United
First - Route 1 Liverpool - Chester
Whiskey.Stuffs Repaints - 200 Likes

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  2. ADDED in v2.0 - Lothian, Reading Buses

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Latest Reviews

Amazing livery selection I was recommended this by a friend 20/10
Thanks, the next repaints will probably be the last update to this pack.
This is an amazing repaint pack made by a very skilled person and its wonderful to see the Plymouth buses included, I was just wondering if you would ever go back and update the some of the skins if you had time, as for example with the new spark route (which has an excellent repaint in the 500mmc pack ), the red flash has changed. Love the work you do :)
Thanks for the great review, I hope to go back to repaints and update them but got a few other projects first!
Very nice skins on this pack and would recommend it 1 millions % It is a must have to anybody who loves HD Re-skins and anybody who loves to drive buses that look like there real life compartment
Thanks so much, I hope to bring more repaints to more buses soon!
Each repaint is very accurate and very high quality, well done Whiskey :)
Thank you for your constant support, just waiting for the next bus to repaint!
So good
Thank you!!
Amazing skins, the detail is so accurate, brillaint skinning!
Thanks for the review!
Lovely. The Swift VBC one is great, but that's just coming from its executive directors point of view
Haha, I do really like that repaint!
Great quality, however...

The Reading Buses 26 does NOT feature an orange front panel. The front is exclusively yellow.
Oh damn I just noticed that and I live it Reading, and god damn you you've ruined my 5 star rating!
An excellent repaint pack from an excellent repainter!
Great work, the quality is outstanding as usual, I feel like I'm driving the real thing.
Thank you for your comments!!
Amazing repaint pack but how did you make your rollblinds white? Mine are orange
If you look in the forums I believe someone has explained how do that. Thanks for the comment!