Volvo Olympian 10.4m

Volvo Olympian 10.4m 2016-09-18

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Reupload of original file.

A two-axle version of the Hong Kong 10.4m Olympian, with new gearbox scritpts.

This is a standalone modificication, released with permission, of an original bus by GX7767 Studios: studio All original credits remain unchanged.

Known bugs: The repaint template for the rear end is reversed, the interior still features the additional wheelarches from the triaxle.

To install: Extract archive into your OMSI 2/Vehicles folder.


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Great bus to drive! I'd really like to see this with a full display so It's more usable as the ones it's currently got are a bit 'useless'.

Apart from that It's a great bus!
Its a good bus can you fix the passenger wont come on the bus
Decent bus and once you work out how to use the blinds, etc it isn't far off the quality of other buses. Only thing is the paths of passengers on the bus as you can only let 4-5 off at once (and the additional wheelarch inside but that isn't really a big problem!) Well done Lowlander21.
lovely bus but passengers will not use it
It's a very good bus, and it's the best we definitely can get for an Alexander RL. However, it would be nice if the blinds worked properly. It just sounds a bit complicated to fix.