Volvo Eclipse 1.5 - Go-Ahead Go North West

Volvo Eclipse 1.5 - Go-Ahead Go North West 1.0

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Go-Ahead Go North West - (BG14OOW).
Version 1.0.



This semi-fictional repaint texture is based upon the Go-Ahead Group, Go North West Wrightbus Volvo Eclipse 2, with the registration of, BG14OOW and with the fleet number of 74003. This vehicle can be seen around Greater Manchester. This new livery was designed by the Go-Ahead group, as they formed a new company called ‘Go North West’, due to the purchase of the former First group Queen's Road Depot.



to install the repaint pack simply drag the folder and the .cti into your repaint folder
in the "Repaint" folder of the "Volvo B7L Eclipse 1.5" folder:

OMSI 2 > Vehicles >Volvo B7L Eclipse 1.5> Texture > Livery_R (Insert the "KK294" folder in here)

PLEASE DO NOT put the .cti file into the "KK294" folder please put it in the "Repaint" folder as the repaint will not work If you put the .cti file inside the "KK294" folder



Bus: UKDT.
DDA Graphics: Credit to the rightful owner (ELDERLY, PRAM. WHEELCHAIR).


This repaint was uploaded to and, but you can also find the repaint link on Facebook/The National OMSI so if you find this repaint anywhere else except the two places above please notify me.
this repaint was uploaded by KK294
thanks, I hope you enjoy it!

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Does exactly it says on the tin! Looks good as always with all your work
Thank you! Means a lot. More GNW will be released shortly ;)
its a nice repaint but go north west bought queens road depot diamond bus north west bought bolton
Thank you for the feedback! Also, thanks for letting me know. I shall change that now :)