Volvo B9R/B11R Caetano Levante

Volvo B9R/B11R Caetano Levante 1.0

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Absolutely stunning work on the bus, I really enjoy driving it.
Only thing I'd improve a bit is the gearbox, as others have already pointed out, but still, I'd recommend this bus to anyone who even remotely enjoys UK OMSI 2. I really love the fictional B11R variant, although I'm sure I've seen it in real life... not the alternate light one, it looked exactly like this B11R one)..

Btw, can I just say: I absolutely love the fact that there's scrolling destinations!! Thank you for this amazing coach! :)
Amazing coach for UK Omsi maps
For people struggling with the alcotest, you must be doing it wrong because it does work. You click the standy button, when it shows 'Ready', left click and ***HOLD DOWN*** on the purple part until it says 'passed'. It takes about 10 secs. This coach has an amazing attention to detail. You can tell the creator truly has made this coach with love. The reason for the 4 stars and not 5 is because the steering wheel axis isn't aligned correctly and is annoying when driving. It would be nice if when the luggage doors open, the warning sound "Beware of doors, mind your head" would play like it does on the real coach, but I suppose it would be difficult to obtain such a recording. Other than that, love this coach!
Its good but needs more work on the gear box
For one: WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MY GEARBOX. IT GOES BACK TO 1 EVERYTIME. PASSENGERS GET ANGRY. Tbh this just makes the coach horrible to drive and what is going on with the sounds??
I konw how you feel when the gearbox is annoying that happens me I always have to put it in 'D' The Coach models is excellent the gearbox please can you update it
the model its self is amazing however the gearbox is messed up passengers always leave my bus
Come on guys! Lets make fellows film a bigger site and have more bus mods!!! LETS BE CREATIVE WITH OUR MODS AND LETS ADD OPTARES, THE NEW ENVIRO 200 MMC. ALL THE BUSES U CAN THINK OF, JUST MAKE IT!!! :D
I do love this coach but is there a proper template for the B11R
Properly impressive, fantastic attention to detail! Electric mirrors, powered boot doors (and some removable items in there), lots of beautiful subtle lighting, digital tachograph, partial and full squat, ferry lift, flushing toilet, Nat Ex announcements CD, Alcolock breathalyser, the feature list goes on and on and on and on!

Took me a while to suss the ramp as I couldn't find the control panel (for the benefit of others it is a yellow box to the left of the main door, click it and you can control it from the front left passenger seat view. Don't forget to enable power first using the dashboard switch). Many thanks to all involved, possibly the most detailed and comprehensive vehicle for OMSI.

I think the i-shift gearbox is off though, mine always goes back to 1st gear for starting off.