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Volvo B7TL Wright Gemini 1 Driver & Passenger View Enhancement Plus Pack V1.0

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NOTE This pack is NOT for Gemini 2 versions.
As requested by members this pack is the third of three covering some of the older OMSI 2 buses.
This pack does not change in any way the original bus model, scripts, or original / repaint textures.
The package follows the same format as my previous releases, plus some additional features.
The additional features are 1) selectable actual or representative Gemini registrations.
2) extra exterior views.
The Drivers straight-ahead view has an increased F.O.V. giving a more immersive feel to driving.
Pressing & holding the “INSERT” key gives the Timetable* view, pressing & holding the “Home” Key gives close up of the ticket machine & cash tray.
The Passenger views have either been tweaked slightly to represent sitting/standing in actual positions, or are additional ones added to show off more of authors/developers work on this bus model.
The extra exterior views came about because whilst I was working on some repaints I wanted some quick way of viewing work in progress other than rotating the view. I found the only way to do this was add them to the passenger views, so to find them continue to ‘scroll right’ after the front entrance view.
For full details of the selectable refer to the instruction sheet included in the download.
As all these views etc are based on my preferences & everybody has different opinions or player preferences the download offers 4 possible variations to cover this.
Option 1 - Install the full pack including the selectable registration number & extra exterior views.
Option 2 - Install the full pack minus the increased Drivers F.O.V. view.
Option 3 - Install the passenger views ONLY, ALL Drivers views stay ORIGINAL.
Option 4 – Removes the exterior views from the three options above.
To help decide which option you may wish to use, three folders of screenshots titled Driver, Passenger & Exterior Views are included in the zip file.
Note : *The timetable will only show up if you are on a time tabled journey, otherwise it is a blank wall.
** Due to this being a less detailed model there are a smaller number of Drivers views.
*** To get an image of interior on unit screen above driver you have to pan view vertically up & down while
in standard driver view.
After downloading the zip file due to multiple options it is recommended that you unzip to a temp location of your choice. Then refer to the enclosed Read me in the Zip file, for all the detailed installation options.
I would appreciate your positive or negative comments on whether it is worth including the extra exterior views, on new releases or updating existing already released vehicle packs.
I have not yet chosen my next vehicle for the extra view treatment, if anyone has a request PM me & I will see if I can oblige.

I hope you enjoy this add-on.
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