Volvo B7L Eclipse 1.5 Enhancement Pack (With Reliance Motor Services Repaints)

Volvo B7L Eclipse 1.5 Enhancement Pack (With Reliance Motor Services Repaints) 0.3r2 BETA

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This small Project Aims to correct People's negative complaints about the B7L Eclipse 1.5 Created by the UDKT and Other Developers.

This bus is popular within the UK, and is commonly used by bus companies due to its reliability and comfort. This enhancement pack brings a new interior with detailed colours and textures, alongside fixed sounds and higher quality repaints to brint this on par with some newer buses within the OMSI 2 Community.

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This pack brings an array of new features to the Eclipse 1.5

  1. Exterior with detailed panelling and lifelike colours. Taking advantage of the Eclipse 2 Facelift with all aspects of the bodywork.
  2. Interior includes new textures such as new ceiling, light, wall and floor textures.
  3. Sounds enhanced and fixed with additional exterior tweaks such as the license plate font
  4. Enhanced Dashboard Textures
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Supplied with the base addon, is the Reliance Motor Services 'Your 29' Red Repaint. This also has the corresponding interior of a generic B7L. This includes a HOF File with the real destinations for demo purposes.

Coming soon will be additional addons with new repaints and interior enhancements to match those of different operators, such as ConnexionsBuses, First, Stagecoach, Go NorthEast and many others. These will be available for download from FellowsFilm by July 2018.
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The developers of this addon are aware that the quality can be improved. This is currently a work in progress, and in the future additional repaints and further interior modifications with more 'polishing' will become available. Please feel free to leave any constructive criticism or ideas.
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After Ensuring you have all components listed within the 'Prerequisites' Section, Refer to the readme that is downloaded with the Pack.

  1. Run The Setup Application Labelled 'Eclipse1.5Enhancements-Setup.exe'
  2. Select 'Yes' if asked for run confirmation by User Account Control
  3. Proceed to entering your OMSI 2 Directory. By default the installer will look in C:\Program FIles (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\, however if your OMSI 2 Folder is located elsewhere within the filesystem, please specify it's location.
  4. Proceed to install
Uninstaller can also be found within the OMSI 2 Directory after install. Please note, this will remove all modified files. Take a backup of all files before installing.
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Perfection. Very realistic textures in all areas, makes the bus a lot more enjoyable to drive!
very nice keep up the good work
Excellent Mod makes the Eclipse a much better all round bus. well done Whsde.
looks excellent and i will definitely be using this it adds such a more realistic fell to the b7l well done whsde