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Volvo B7L Eclipse 1.5 Driver & Passenger View Enhancement Pack. V1.0

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Here is my third enhancement pack which was requested by a member.
This pack is for the UKDT re-uploaded version ONLY** & is a revamp of the entire driver & interior passenger views based on my preferences.
It includes changes to the various camera viewpoints & the addition of some new ones.
The Drivers straight-ahead view has an increased F.O.V. giving a more immersive feel to driving.
Pressing & holding the “INSERT” key gives the Timetable* view, pressing & holding the “Home” Key gives close up of the ticket machine & cash tray.
The Passenger views have either been tweaked slightly to represent sitting/standing in actual positions, or are additional ones added to show off more of authors/developers work on this bus model.
This pack does not change in any way the original bus model, scripts, or original / repaint textures.
As this is based on my preferences & everybody has different opinions or player preferences the download offers 3 possible variations + the Not option.
Option 1 - Install the full pack
Option 2 - Install the full pack but using the ORIGINAL Drivers view with the original F.O.V.
Option 3 - Install the passenger views ONLY, ALL Drivers views stay ORIGINAL.
The NOT Option includes copies of the original BUS files for those users who do not like the changes & wish to return to the original.
To help decide which option you may wish to use two folders of screenshots titled Drivers Views & Passengers Views are included in the zip file.
After downloading the zip file due to multiple options it is recommended that you unzip to a temp location of your choice. Refer to the enclosed read me in the Zip file, for the installation procedure.
*The timetable will only show up if you are on a time tabled journey, otherwise it is a blank wall.
**As I have the earlier Eclipse version & also the Volvo Renown original & remapped installed in my OMSI 2, I can make a pack up for either of these vehicles for anyone who has these installed & would like a revised view pack?
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