Volvo 7900 Hybrid Trent Barton

Volvo 7900 Hybrid Trent Barton 1.0

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DLC Hafencity - Hamburg Modern by Darius Bode -
Please read the enclosed readme file for installation instructions

This repaint texture is based upon Trent Barton
Thanks to Arriva Buses London for advise and file to remove the Hochbahn lettering.

Not to be uploaded elsewhere without my prior permission which will need to include proof of permission granted.

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The red is way too bright and this is the old Trent Barton livery that is no longer in use, main change was the white line along the sides. The logo on the side looks a bit too stretched and the font along the top of the bus is wrong.

From a distance it looks ok, but up close it looks odd.

I can see some effort has gone into this, but it needed more time on it hence the three star rating.

This is just my view and feedback that could be used to further improve this repaint. Others may have different opinions.