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View modification for V3D's ALX 400 1.0

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TransBus ALX400 (London Spec):
View Modification for V3D's ALX 400

This small patch simply pushes the seat further back in the ALX 400. A demonstration can be found in the video below, or alternatively there is a screenshot in the ZIP file.


ALX 400 by V3D - Click for link

1. Original bus must be installed before this patch.
2. Using any unzipper software, simply extract the contents of the OMSI 2 folder into your main OMSI directory.
NOTE: This pack will and should overwrite your original .bus files.

NOTE: This will not work with any other bus mods that overwrites the .bus file.

Video below shows the mod in operation.

Please take time to read the READ-ME included in the download
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A truly amazing add-on for an already amazing bus.
This camera angle makes the ALX400 at least 100x better to drive.

[Suggestion] Please also do one for the Regional-spec. :)

Thanks a lot for creating this add-on, Fulley!