[V3D Trident] D&G Bus - X438 FGP/178

[V3D Trident] D&G Bus - X438 FGP/178 1.1

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Required Downloads
Compulsory: https://fellowsfilm.co.uk/downloads/transbus-alx400-london-spec.998/
Recommended: https://fellowsfilm.co.uk/downloads/arriva-london-cowhorn-transbus-alx400-london-variant.968/

Hi there!
Welcome to my first (and hopefully not last) repaint for V3D's excellent ALX400. There's a few things you should know before indulging yourself in some D&G action!​

  • This repaint features custom cab decals, a custom odometer, and a custom steering wheel badge. Please read the "For Your Enjoyment" file to ensure these work. I cannot be held liable for any damage caused by doing this. If you do it correctly, then there should be no problems.
  • This repaint features a custom interior courtesy of @N531 DWM , also known as Macauley Pugh, or MRP_UK. Full credit to him for the interior seats and poles - It helped me massively with the pack. I've left a link to his fantastic Arriva repaint in the dependencies list.
  • This repaint features custom destination blinds, containing destinations frequently used by the bus (plus a random one or two). They are not designed for any maps in particular, but are just there for realism.
  • As this repaint is based off a DAF DB250, I can only recommend @Badger 's soundpack. There is a link to it in the dependencies list.
So for now, enjoy, and let me know if there are any issues!
Thanks to Macauley Pugh for his Arriva interior. I can't thank him enough! I also can't recommend Badger's soundpack for this bus, as it suits it perfectly. And most of all, a heap of thanks to V3D, for this great bus!
More shots too :D

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Excellent repaint! What map is that on the thumbnail btw?
Thanks for the review! The map is my custom UK edition of Dolni Kounice.
Great work! Glad to have helped! :D
Thanks for the review, your help was much appreciated :D