V3D Optare Spectra Stagecoach Stripes repaint pack

V3D Digibus Phantom V3D Optare Spectra Stagecoach Stripes repaint pack V1

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You will also need to download the branding pack for this repaint pack to work with OMSI 2.
Welcome to my V3D Optare Spectra Stagecoach Stripes Repaint Pack V1
By Daniel Kennett

Introduction to my repaint pack:
This is a real-life livery seen on Stagecoach buses in the UK between 1980 and 2000s But was not used on the Optare Spectra. I have decided to do this livery on to this bus because it brings back memories when Stagecoach East Kent was operating. In the 1990s
In this pack, there are 3 Stagecoach Bus Stripes liverys witch are Stagecoach Bus East Kent, Lincolnshire, and Manchester. A full set of interior.

V3D - Digibus Phantom Stagecoach Repaint Pack advert.png

This Version (1.0) Includes:
Stagecoach Stripes East Kent
Stagecoach Stripes Manchester
Stagecoach Stripes Lincolnshire
It also includes a set of interiors.

This pack uses the default seat texture inside the Texture folder witch means if you have that texture changed with another seat moquette it will use and show up your moquette you have. The reason for this is I could not find a good enough texture to use and could not upload Digibus Phanton default texture without getting his permission first.


1) Open the zip archive in Windows Explorer/My Computer. Holding the left mouse button, drag a box around all the folder(s) within it (there should be one called "Vehicles") so they are highlighted, then right-click and select Copy from the pop-up menu.

2) Open a new My Computer window and navigate into your OMSI root directory. Right-click and select "Paste" from the pop-up menu. Take care not to paste into one of the other folders on the screen. Your OMSI root directory is most likely:
a. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\OMSI 2
b. C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\OMSI 2
c. C:\M-R Software\OMSI

3) You should see one or more pop-up windows requesting permission to merge/overwrite existing files and folders. You should select "Yes to all", "Yes, do this for all current items" or similar. If you aren't asked, you have pasted the files to the wrong location and need to redo step 2.

4) You will find the repaint listed in OMSI 2's bus selection menu under Manufacturer: [V3D] Optare Spectra Type: Voith D854 and Appearance: Stagecoach Stripes East Kent. Stagecoach Stripes Manchester. Stagecoach Stripes Lincolnshire.
If you can't see it in OMSI, please check you have all the required dependencies installed properly and redo installation from step 1 above, before requesting support. If you spot any bugs, before reporting please check they haven't already been reported on the file's Fellowsfilm support thread.

Daniel Kennett
for making this repaint pack.
V3D Digibus Phanton for making this lovely bus.
Stagecoach Bus for providing the resources.

Thank you for downloading my repaint pack.
Daniel Kennett
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Stunning repaints! Keep up the splendid work.
Daniel Kennett
Daniel Kennett
Thank you.
Nice one mate. I tried making my own nearly a month ago now and it turned out awful, guess I'm not cut out to be a repaint maker :D
Daniel Kennett
Daniel Kennett
Thank you. Don't give up keep trying your only get better.
Absolutely brilliant. Love it!
Daniel Kennett
Daniel Kennett
Thank you.