[UKDT] London Citybus 400R

[UKDT] London Citybus 400R 1.4d

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Changed in this version:
  • Updated bundled GBP pack to latest version
  • Updated bundled Cotterell HOF to latest version
  • Fixed texture mapping bug that resulted in distortion above the driver's window
  • Swapped out the seats for the ones I wrote about back in December 2016
  • Polished the tree deflectors
  • Added standing passengers
  • Quietened the indicator chirp, particularly when outside the cab
Changed in this version:
  • C400RX no longer complains about missing rollband scripts
  • Added version tracking files - useful for future problem diagnosis relating to different (incompatible) C400 variants being installed together
This time on The C400R Show:
  • @Badger found a great big beefy 9.3L engine lying around the workshop, and insisted on putting it in the bus. It doesn't actually make it go any faster, but at least it sounds pretty sweet. We had to fill in the rear window to fit it in though...
  • I found a strange steering wheel lying around, so while the bus was having its new engine fitted I thought I may as well put that in too
  • The cab's been given a general wipe-down, as it was getting a little mucky
  • I've cut a hole in the poppy repaint to let you actually see the side destinations
Note that the C400RX isn't a proper representation of an N230UD - to replicate one properly would involve remaking large portions of the interior and exterior and making new dirt maps and repaint templates for everything, as well as programming an entirely new dashboard. It's more a bonus extra version than anything :)
Ok, so we found our problem... our lovely new Git environment that was supposed to make it nice and easy to keep track of what we were doing and up to date with each other has decided to not like Omsi content... so we've gone back to feeding zip files down internet straws to give each other updated versions for now. This means that we can give you the third (ish) patch!
  • I found some defunct bulbs in the dashboard, so after replacement the full beam, master failure and retarder indicators light up when they should
  • Chris put some more oil in the retarder so you can not only see it on the dashboard but hear it better too
  • Chris also raided the store cupboard for some parts and as such he was able to put together a DIWA 'boxed C400R to sit next to the EcoLife one, along with a few tweaks to each
  • Some minor visual tweaks in places
  • Reflashed the ticket machine's list of tickets, so it knows what a day ticket is now
  • Unbroke the things we broke before
  • Completely removed all requirement for the rollband scripts, so we deleted them
  • To comply with new safety legislation we changed our "reversing with the doors and/or window open" alerter to also sound when the doors and windows are shut
  • Talked to James May about the steering wheel being wobbly, he had just the spanner to tighten it up (his name is Steve... has a lovely wife and 3 kids)
  • While he wasn't looking we threw the rest of his spanners behind various panels in the interior, so it rattles a bit now
  • Finally Chris has renamed the money pack back to "UKDT_GBP" again...
There are likely be some more improvements after the weekend when I return to my computer and having internet at all, but for now this is your lot.
There's no patch update this time (because things keep going wrong. :(), so you should make sure to delete any existing "London Citybus 400" folder in your vehicles directory before installing this.
No idea why the other patch didn't work, Omsi throws no errors the bus just doesn't appear. Anyway, if this works, it'll be a little bit more of a tune-up than a patch:
- Talked to the depot engineers, who've tuned the ZF gearbox and one of them installed a Voith 'box, so now they sound a bit different (blame Chris if you don't like it ;))
- Found a spanner that fits the nut, so now the steering wheel is on straight
- Took it on a school run yesterday, which means that everything is rattling now
- Found some dead bulbs in the dashboard, so now the full beam, master failure and retarder indicators light up
- LED rear light texture (also Chris)
- Minor tweaks and improvements

More on the way (if this works that is)
(Also to note: no patch update this time, simply because I can't guarantee it'd work at all. :()
Reactions: axel_blaze24
Reactions: axel_blaze24
As always, the most I fix the more the list of things to fix grows...
Anyway, the main download has now been updated to version 1.1. If you're already downloaded the bus, you can download this patch which just contains the changed files (saves you downloading the whole thing again :)).

Fixes in 1.1:
- Reminded passengers that the driver is not telepathic and that they need to push the stop bell when they want to get off;
- Told passengers to keep their arms inside the vehicle at all times;
- Played "more seats available upstairs" announcement until those upper deck seats were filled;
- Upgraded automatic change-giving nano-machines to lift coins larger than 20 p;
- Peeled Demonstrator tinting off of blind boxes so they can be read more easily in that livery;
- Organised training sessions for other drivers to learn to set destinations for their route;
- Reloaded destination displays so they use Mobitec fonts;
- Minor distributional fixes.

For the future:
- Adjustments to dashboard screen to give it some more functionality (incl. a stop bell indicator as per ADL/Scania E400s :));
- Standing places for passengers;
- Passenger camera views in more sensible places;
- UV-mapping issues on exterior panels;
- Actually being able to heat and cool the bus;
- Small fixes to gear selection;
- Full beam/retarder indicator lamps;
- Loads of minor little things that still need processing and solving.