[UKDT] London Citybus 400R

[UKDT] London Citybus 400R 1.4d

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Very detailed bus.
This bus is a bit special for me as it was the first bus that I learned to make custom repaints on!
this is the best BUS in omsi 2
excellent bus love the repaints as well
For 2020, it lacks behind. No heating or air conditioning so passengers moan at you if it's cold or hot. Proportions look a bit off, and this bus just lacks features for 2020 aswell as a weird destination unit. On the good side: Loads of repaints for it, even on first installation and plenty of other's here on Fellowsfilm. Loads of mods for it. I respect the C400R, It's a bus that I use often despite a 3 star rating, I would love to see a C400R version 1.4e which would add a working heater and fix the destination unit from glitching out.
hiya, im new to all this and want to get some good buses to drive, can any one please explain how to down loads these and how I go about getting some maps please
excellent bus it is one of the best and if you read this 1 recommendation if you are updating it is could you do an open top variant for botw 3?
Driven for sometime now and I cant stop thinking of how realistic this bus is all the way to the indicators. I have this in real life and when I get on it it's like I'm in omsi and when I'm on omsi it sound like I'm in the real bus. Very well done love it
i love it. i want to ask a question can you please post the blender files for the bus because i wanted to do the london spec
Incredible bus. But when i load into the Cotterell Map and choose the Cotterell depot, it spawns the bus, but when i use the Matrix Display board i type 1801 and then the button to make it work, but then it will do nothing, it doesn't say Bad Destination or anything like that it just stays blank!
It's amazing but could look a bit more like a ADL E400 and the More details too could be more better plus with More Variants and also With some good Refurbished ADL E400's
Its a perfect bus and drives really well but could you make a heating system for the bus please.
It look like a enviro 400
Sounds could be better, but this bus is brill! Please, PLEASE make a C300, as It'll be as good as this!
great bus
will there ever be an C300?
Your bus is amazing !!! Only one request in the future will be that you could correct the front and rear headlights that do not work on buses running on AI traffic
The destination needs fixing cause it doesn't work but other then that a good bus.
Definitely a must-have add-on for OMSI 2 and brilliant for beginners! Simple and easy to drive, great variety of liveries and sounds are spot-on, especially with the RX (Scania N230UD) variant! Suitable on any left-path map!
Any reason why the wayfarer is in german? Using on the new keedlestone. No passengers will get on bus.
It is really good! But I don't understand how to use the destination controller and the Matrix display doesn't work for me. Can I have some help?
Best bus on the forums yet. One question, who made the included repaints?