[UKDT] London Citybus 400R

[UKDT] London Citybus 400R 1.4d

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Introducing the London C400R!


This bus is a special present to say thank you to everyone waiting for London's release after the recent hardware failure, and preview the quality of the five new buses to come with London itself.


We've worked hard on the bus to make it as enjoyable as possible, featuring a high quality model, custom sounds, fully functional kneeling and suspension levelling systems and more! We've also included a series of repaints, and a set of templates for you to use if you can't find your favourite.


We hope you enjoy!
- The Citybus 400 team

This bus contains a few sound effects from freeSFX.co.uk - Download Free Sound Effects, it's a good place to go if you're in need of a generic clunk or click.

We've also used a couple of textures from http://www.textures.com/

EDIT (Road-hog123): There are still a few bugs I/we would like to see fixed, so there's likely to be another patch released in a short while with even more fixes! :)

Note that the C400RX isn't a proper representation of an N230UD - to replicate one properly would involve remaking large portions of the interior and exterior and making new dirt maps and repaint templates for everything, as well as programming an entirely new dashboard. It's more a bonus extra version than anything :)
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Latest Reviews

i love it. i want to ask a question can you please post the blender files for the bus because i wanted to do the london spec
I think the bus is good but I can't find it in the game. :(
Can you give me help?
I tried on the Grundorf map.
Incredible bus. But when i load into the Cotterell Map and choose the Cotterell depot, it spawns the bus, but when i use the Matrix Display board i type 1801 and then the button to make it work, but then it will do nothing, it doesn't say Bad Destination or anything like that it just stays blank!
It's amazing but could look a bit more like a ADL E400 and the More details too could be more better plus with More Variants and also With some good Refurbished ADL E400's
Its a perfect bus and drives really well but could you make a heating system for the bus please.
It look like a enviro 400
Sounds could be better, but this bus is brill! Please, PLEASE make a C300, as It'll be as good as this!
great bus
will there ever be an C300?
Your bus is amazing !!! Only one request in the future will be that you could correct the front and rear headlights that do not work on buses running on AI traffic