[UKDT] Devkit Vol. 1: Pathways

[UKDT] Devkit Vol. 1: Pathways 1.0

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This is the first in a series of small Devkit packs from UKDT, for the use of map developers only. In this pack, you will find a series of splines to use in your maps (illustrated below) - splines you use should be bundled with your map (and you should not list this download as a dependency).

This is a direction we are taking as it provides the following benefits:
  • This concept will help map authors keep their dependency lists as small as possible, as more Devkit volumes get uploaded.
  • Protects the splines from alteration - they will always display and function as you intend.
  • Allow customization, so your map has a unique feel.
  • Prevents situations where downloads are no longer available - thus helping prevent some 'blue sky' errors.
  • Allows us to upload very small packs like this one in quick succession, rather than waiting ages to bundle them in huge packs.
If you are an end-user, you do not need to download this pack - it is intended solely for map developers.

Information about the splines are contained within the download. The download features: Pavements with integrated double yellow markings, no loading markings (or no markings), various paths and driveways, tactile paving, a kerb spline, and surfaces.

We have provided these splines with some textures so that you can use them right away - but we strongly encourage you to source your own textures, so your map looks and feels different from others out there. We can recommend the following websites:

If you require any help in using this pack, please feel free to ask in the Support thread for this download.


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Great pack, it would be great to have map making assets all in one place. Keep it up!
i like it alot but will the cars in the picture be avilable good work