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Welcome to Cotterell!
Cotterell is the first map by the UKDT. It is a left-path map based on the city of Bath, in south-west England. It consists of one line, running between the town centre and the University of Cotterell. The map was mainly built to test the ability of those of us in the UKDT (UK Design Team) to work together before moving on to a bigger project. We reckon it's been a success, so look forward to more coming soon! The map is self-contained, but you will need to install the required bus. Link is in the readme, included in the download.

What's next?
Cotterell was a project to test our ability. Well, consider it tested! We did initially have plans to expand Cotterell with more routes from Bath and maybe even link it to Buses of the Westcountry (BotW), but they never got further than the drawing board. As such, this is the final form of Cotterell, with any future updates only being bugfixes or important patches.

The project team:

  • Whistlehead, project lead and object maker
  • iomex, primary map builder
  • Road-hog123, map technician
  • Fellowslothb, map technician
  • THE PH6NT0M, bus repainter

Additional credits to:
  • BTV, for his objects pack
  • 3D Warehouse users G3FX and Damo, for objects we converted under the 3D warehouse terms of use
  • O3D SimpleCrossingSplines and SmallDetailStuff
  • VKL's splines
  • Textures.com for providing free textures (seriously, check it out if you need some)
  • The developers of OMSI, for the game to play and all the default buildings we repainted.

Known issues:
  • Drive while only loading one adjacent tile, or you'll run into walls of trees.
  • AI buses stop oddly in the bus station. Again, the core game code doesn't allow for reversing, so our lovely bus station results in some odd driving.
Some Screenshots:



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Latest Reviews

Great map, but when is the next update coming out? What i mean like a couple of routes to drive? Since some people can get bored of driving the route over and over. Try to use some of the bus stops at the bus station. So add more routes like from Bus station to wherever and some from the University.
This is only a very small map, however that fact is made up for by it having a consistently good quality throughout. The main town area - particularly around the bus and railway stations - is easily recognisable as being Bath. As yet I have not encountered any issues and so I’ve given this full marks.
Astonishing map with the exceptional design.
This is a great map to test out buses on while enjoying lovely scenery.
This is a great map for people with lower-end PCs or if you want to mess around with some stronger weather settings this map is also a good place for that. If you are starting out at OMSI this map makes it nice and simple to get started and learn the basics. I have played at least 200 hours on this map alone and I think I can safely say that it is great, I just wish it had one more driveable route however hopefully that is coming soon.

FPS: Good (45-50)
Detail: 10/10
Passengers: High (busy)
Route length: Around 15 minutes
Enjoyability: 10/10
Playtime: Around 200 hours

I have had this map since I first got Omsi a few years ago and I haven't stopped playing it since. I thought it deserved a large review for all the enjoyment it has given me.

If you are having issues installing the map you can just go to the support thread instead of giving it a bad review, that's why it is there.
Love the map and the routes just wish it had more
Love this map it's awesome.
I see you have an expansion in the works would this be more routes in the town or some more out of town as well?
Plus are we allowed to modify the map for my own use.
All the best in the future can't wait to see what happens next.
it is amazing could you please add speed humps not the 1m ones the big ones please
Cannot stress this enough, currently in bath as a type this and its like I'm living OMSI!! I've been bath before but not since I've got into OMSI 2 and it exactly like the whole scene - guys and girls who created it heres to you as the route is stunning including the tight roads along Bathwick Hill etc!!
This is a great map, but it only has two lines, which are almost identical (U18 & X18). It would definitely be 5 stars if it had just one or two more routes!
Expansion is in the works, however other projects are taking up all of our time right now.