TSLP: The South London Project (2015)

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Enviro 400 V2+ by Winsome: winsome's OMSI Studio - Download
Enviro 200 by GX Studio: KMB_ADL_E2 | studio
7-Zip File Manager (to extract the archive): 7-Zip
This content created by @Rhys is hosted by Fellowsfilm as abandonware.

Not Addon London!

This project is now hosted on Fellowsfilm.com with permission of the author. It is out of date and is to be replaced by the official Addon London, but has been reuploaded due to public interest. It came to our attention that sites this map has been hosted on often contain pirated content and malware, so we agreed with the author to provide a safe, permanent place to find the map.

The author wishes to stress this map does not represent the quality of Addon London (not even close) and is provided as-is in a basically functional condition. No support will be provided by either the author or Fellowsfilm.

The map has been altered so it no longer requires the unavailable Enviro 400 mod from AussieX and will not conflict with current installations of Road-hog123's British Road Detailing Pack. This may mean existing modifications to the map will not function correctly and will need updating.

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  1. Updated redistribution permissions

    The ReadMe file contained in the archive has had its redistribution permissions updated. If you...

Latest Reviews

I want to experience London before the actual Addon comes out.
Excellente route, some bugs stays mostly on the IBIS, but I like the ambiance, it's very promised, good work!!
Amazing map even if its not a completed one it be more exciting for the actual london map when it gets released.