Transbus ALX400 Repaint Pack

Transbus ALX400 Repaint Pack 1.7

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So, here we are. One whole year of the Transbus ALX400 Repaint Pack being released. My most successful upload to date, and one of the most successful repaint files in the whole of Fellowsfilm. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and shown support over the past year! You really are awesome :)

What's changed?
  • Added the following repaints:
    • Anglian Bus
    • 6th variant of the First Barbie repaint (based on W942 ULL, now a bus cafe in Grimsby)
    • First York Contactless
    • 2 Go-Ahead Ireland variants
    • Ipswich Buses
    • 2 Norfolk Green variants
    • 2 Southdown PSV variants
    • Added new adverts (if you don't like them, the old ones have been included. Go to Transbus_ALX400_Regional\Texture\Repaints\Alexander's Misc\Other adverts and overwrite the adverts in there with the ones in Alexander's Misc)
  • Other various fixes and improvements
V1.6 of the Transbus ALX400 Repaint Pack is here!

What's changed?
  • Added 11 First heritage repaints:
    • Bradford City Transport (as seen on YJ09 OCD)
    • Huddersfield Corporation Transport (as seen on MX07 BUJ)
    • Manchester City Transport (as seen on MX07 BTE)
    • Lancashire United (as seen on MX58 DZC)
    • Halifax Corporation Transport (as seen on YJ06 XLY)
    • Rochdale Corporation Transport (as seen on MX58 EAC)
    • Salford City Transport (as seen on MX07 BTF)
    • South Yorkshire Transport (as seen on YN58 ETR)
    • Sheffield Transport (as seen on 3910 WE)West Yorkshire Road Car (as seen on YJ58 RTX)
    • Yorkshire Rider (as seen on YJ58 RTV)
  • Added 2 Stagecoach variants
  • Other various fixes and improvements
  • In this version, I have not included repaints for the London spec, as I will no longer be supporting them. If you wish to download the latest set of repaints for the London spec, click on the History tab and download 1.5.
Greater Manchester.png South Yorkshire.png Stagecoach.png West Yorkshire.png
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V1.5 of the Transbus ALX400 Repaint Pack is here!

What's changed?
  • Added the following Transdev liveries:
    • CityZap (York - Leeds)
    • Coastliner (new and old)
    • Harrogate Connect
    • Hotline
    • Lancashire United
    • Mainline
    • Pride of the North (2 variants)
    • Red Express
    • Spot On
    • The 36
    • The Witch Way
      • These are only available on the Regional spec, as I felt it would be a waste of time converting and adapting them to the London spec. I will convert them if enough demand is shown however.
  • Fixed First 'Enjoy Travelling' cab door appearing on certain repaints that aren't First ones
  • Fixed Transdev interior appearing white for people who didn't have the original donors ALX400R (this is because it used the interior from the default NXWM repaint, which wasn't included in the free release)
  • Fixed London spec First Glasgow Simplicity repaint having the destination board paint of the Regional spec
  • Other various fixes and improvements
Transbus ALX400 Repaint Pack v1.4c coming at you live!

What's changed?
  • Added regional spec repaints
  • Adjusted the dark blue on the First Olympia repaints
  • Added First 'Contactless Payments' standard Olympia livery (if you want a city branding with it, you can paste one in from any of my other First repaints, however only for personal use!). This is only available on the regional spec, as having it on the London spec wouldn't look good with the rear door in the way.
  • Other various fixes and improvements

Look out for my upcoming ALX400 advert board pack! Currently WIP.
Version 1.4b is a hotfix to fix a few issues found after release:
  • First Contactless windows have been fixed (the side Free WiFi sticker was not adapted to suit the London spec, and was covering part of the destination board).
  • Interior adverts have been fixed.

Hi everyone, it's finally here! Welcome to the 4th generation of the Transbus ALX400 Repaint Pack!

What's new in v1.4?
  • All First repaints have been re-made to be brought up to an even higher standard than they were ever before. New colours have been introduced and the interior has had a massive overhaul.
    • You also have a few more variants to choose from:
      • Contactless full-bus ad (based from York's 37069)
      • The following Olympia brandings:
        • Bradford
        • Essex
        • Colchester
        • Glasgow (as well as an additional “Simplicity” branding variant)
        • Halifax
        • Huddersfield
        • Southampton
        • Training
      • Added legal lettering to the Olympia Ipswich variant
      • "We believe that buses are the future" rear ad for Barbie Variant 1
      • The poor York depot had to take care of buses from all over the country. Each repaint now has its own depot which it's cared for by.
  • Added 3 Rosso variants!
    • 'Easyride'
    • Old livery (based from their ELC Sprytes)
    • Current livery
  • Added 3 Transdev variants!
    • The Blackburn Bus Company
    • The Burnley Bus Comapny
    • The Keighley Bus Company
  • Fixed First cab mouldings appearing on the Translink repaints
Thank you so much for your support over the ages, I'm genuinely grateful for everything. Enjoy the repaints! :)
As the ALX400 is now released to the public, I'd like to update my pack to include all the new repaints I've been showing off.

These include:
  • More fixes, such as colour fine-tuning on the First Barbie repaint and font changes on the First Olympia repaints
  • Added higher levels of detailing in some repaints
  • Added 4 more First Barbie variants
  • Added First 125 Years of buses in Huddersfield heritage repaint (based from T663 VWU)
  • Added First Midland Red heritage repaint
  • Added First Olympia West of England variant
  • Added Squarepeg Leeds repaint
  • Added Transdev The Harrogate Bus Company repaint
  • Added First flooring to all First repaints, and also the Connexions repaint
This repaint pack now contains 23 repaints in total!

PackV1.2.png PackV1.2_2.png PackV1.2_3.png
Version 1.1 has now been released! This update brings various fixes across the board, as well as the introduction of two new variants:
  • East Yorkshire Motor Services Low Floor (as seen on 46 EYB/661)
  • First Olympia with Bristol branding