TransBus ALX400 (London Specification) Dublin Bus Repaint Pack

V3D ALX400 (London) TransBus ALX400 (London Specification) Dublin Bus Repaint Pack 1.1.1

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TransBus ALX400 (London Specification) by V3D
This modification for OMSI 2 includes a collection of Dublin Bus liveries. These are Standard (Yellow / Blue) with/without exterior ads, Airlink (Two Tone Blue), Coastal Tour (Two Tone Green), Cityswift (Blue, Orange, White & Grey) and Brennans Bread all-over advertisement for the Standard livery.

This modification originally just included the standard Dublin Bus livery however has been drastically expanded in V1.1. It was created for friends of myself in Eirebus (Bus Company Simulator). These are particularly Eamons85 (Eamon Sherry) & gary32.

Please ensure you read the 'READ_ME.pdf' file included in order to get the most out of this repaint.

Airlink.jpg Brennans.jpg Cityswift.jpg CoastalTour.jpg DanceBlizzardAds.jpg NoAds.jpg

Video Showcasing Most Of The Included Repaints (Thanks To Eamons85 / Eamon Sherry)
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