TransBus ALX400 - Dennis Trident 2 (Regional)

TransBus ALX400 - Dennis Trident 2 (Regional) 1.03

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The previously 'Donators Only' Regional ALX400 is now available for free and to all!

I've included repaint templates for you all to have a go at and included Xelabus as one of your in-game options. There will be tons of repaints (and mods) available on Fellowsfilm so don't think for a minute that you're going to have to settle for just one ;)

To keep 3rd party file use to a minimum I have kept the ALX fairly simple. This means that I've only included the flip-dot matrix display, my own previously recorded engine sounds, a simple 4-speed Voith transmission and a new ticket machine. Some files and work were still needed from others and those credits go to the following people:

Additional scripting by Roadhog
Additional sounds by Badger
Edits to LED matrix scripts by DVA_MEKA18 Projects
Default scripts by M&R

This bus is by far my favourite one to drive in OMSI 2 and I hope you have a lot of fun with it too. I look forward to seeing those that like to stream or make YouTube videos of it.

If you enjoyed this bus and would like to support me and my future endeavours, feel free to donate via PayPal.Me

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History Corner:

The ALX400 body first entered the UK market in 1996, built originally by Walter Alexander, as one of the UK's first low-floor bus designs.

Alexander was owned at the time by the Mayflower corporation (Which included Dennis), and merged in 1998 with the Henlys Group (Which owned Plaxton) to form TransBus International. In 2004 it went into administration and Plaxton was sold off in a management buy-out. The remainder of the business was purchased by merchant bank Noble Grossart and businessmen David Murray and Brian Souter, which became Alexander Dennis Ltd. In 2007 ADL purchased Plaxton, bringing the original brands back together again.

Though the ALX 400 saw it's biggest success' in London, many examples of it can be seen all over the UK and in a variety of formats such as with the DAF DB250 and Volvo B7TL platforms. Production of the ALX 400 continued until 2006 when it was superseded by the new Enviro 400.
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Latest Reviews

As someone who drives ALX400-bodied Tridents, I can say the creator has captured the general feel of them well. Some other reviewers have commented that the sounds are loud, and they are louder than some other buses in the game, but turning the volume down slightly if required isn’t the end of the world. The external model itself perhaps doesn’t have the same level of “Wow” as some more recent creations, but from what I can make out this is a few years old now. Everything seems to work well and quality is still very much part of this bus, so I’d certainly recommend adding it to your collection.
Awesome bus love the spec fun to drive keep up the good work
Amazing! Love the way the doors close with one after the other. I have noticed that the grab straps actually swing when the bus turns. Great detail.
Great bus!! How do I get the B7TL??
it is great but too loud as others have pointed out.
It is great bus, no floors its just perfect :)
This right here, is a truly great product.
This product redefines "amazing".
It's a real must-have for any bus enthusiast. :D
I was a bit confused at first on how to start the engine, and the beeping really added much more stress to the situation, but I eventually figured it out. :P

Only request I've got is to maybe have an open top variant (half-open and/or full-open), so that way we could accurately simulate the Hop122 buses here in Torbay! ;)

Anyways, thank you very very much for creating this masterpiece, I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into creating it!
The destination needs fixing cause it doesn't work but other then that a good bus.
This bus was a perfect addition to my fleet. Simple, fitted with multiple bus transit devices and a great work unit for long routes, this ALX400 is the best double decker out of all other double decker models in my fleet. Excellent work. If I may suggest, can a version be put up in the future of a driver shield protector inserted (like the E400) between the passenger and the driver, for protection? Other than that, nice work.
Not Bad but the thing is that you do need to lower the sound down because it is too loud and It would be better with a LED Matrix Display