The Ex-London ALX 400 (A Messy Repair by Cotterell Coachworks LTD)

V3D ALX400 (London) The Ex-London ALX 400 (A Messy Repair by Cotterell Coachworks LTD) 1.0

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The ALX400 was released by Alexander in 1997 as one of the first low floor & DDA Compliant double deck buses. For the next 9 years, this served as the UK's most popular service bus due to it's reliability, comfort and flexibility. The bus's proven ability to impress both the driver and the passenger showed as large operators such as First, Stagecoach, Arriva and Dublin Bus used the ALX400 as their trusty steed for a long period of time. Even now, after two decades, the ALX400 is still commonly used by primarily smaller operators, however due to their reliability and the various advantages, larger operators still use these buses on a daily basis.

Amongst the early 2000s, TfL (Transport for London) has many two door variants manufactured by Tranbus and Alexander Dennis. These two door variants have mostly been scrapped or used as parts, however some still remain in use across the country.

Due to their low resale value, the London Variants are often bought by operators or refurbishment companies to be converted to single door buses with modified bodywork. Even if not converted, the buses still make great vehicles for school services due to their speed and capacity. The robust quality of the chassis, interior and bodywork ensures that the ALX400 has a long lifespan.


Welcome to the workshop of Cotterell Coachworks Ltd! Cotterell Coachworks complete an array of bus and coach repairs and maintenance tasks. They often buy and re-sell buses, complete contracts for local companies and complete an array of sophisticated repairs for the UK's bus and coach operators.

Cotterell Coachworks have adopted V315 KGW from London Central. This B7TL ALX400 was sold at a very low value due to it's poor condition and therefore required a lot of work. The vehicle was damaged after an incident where the vehicle came too close to the archway of a low bridge. The result of this was a damaged corner to the bus and broken windows. The vehicle also possessed an array of mechanical issues, and due to it's age; the bodywork needed a lot of work.

This B7TL ALX400 (V315 KGW) was purchased by London Central in late 2000 with the specification of having two doors and held the fleet number PVL136. The original seats were replaced in 2007 with new upholstery, before being replaced by the new Enviro400 in 2015.

Cotterell Coachworks were able to lease this bus as the repair was completed to a high standard. One of the main operations was be the conversion from a dual door to a single door configuration.

However, let's skip back to a point where Cotterell Coachworks had completed most repairs and operations prior to it's repaint. Shown above is the workshop project board which was used to track the project or post important notes or achievements.
(View a Larger Version within the download)

Now that the refurbishment and repairs are almost complete, Cotterell Coachworks are willing to sell this to you to reside in your fleet as it will serve your customers well, whether it be on a special service, school routes or normal operations.


Download the addon to add this to your fleet!


After Ensuring you have all components listed within the 'Prerequisites' Section, Refer to the readme that is downloaded with the Pack.

  1. Run The Setup Application Labelled 'ExLondon-ALX400-Setup.exe'
  2. Select 'Yes' if asked for run confirmation by User Account Control
  3. Proceed to entering your ALX 400 Regional Directory. By default the installer will look in C:\Program FIles (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\OMSI 2\Vehicles\TransBus_ALX_400_Regional\, however if your ALX Folder is located elsewhere within the filesystem, please specify it's location.
  4. Proceed to install
Uninstaller can also be found within the ALX400 Directory after install. Please note, this will remove all modified files. Take a backup of all files before installing.

I would also recommend Badger's B7TL Soundpack for more authenticity! Download it Here.


Let's take a look at V315 KGW out on the streets after it's time in the garage.





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dosent appear in my game please help
Well if somone ever asked me if I wanted to by a bus I would say yes. Free Delivery? Yes! If this arrived at my door looking like... Well... That. I would get a refund! Amazing repaint though. I would recommend adding some writing down the side and some got taken off with the paneling. Great repaint! Long may it continue!! (Until the bus falls apart!! XD)
Hi! Thank you for your kind words! I'll consider your ideas for the next update. I'm looking to add the effect of 'attempted repairs' so your suggestion could also be integrated!
THIS IS AMAZING , it reminds me of my school bus
Haha yeah me too! Was always a bus like this at my old depot, therefore I had a point of reference. It was often used for school services and as a replacement vehicle.
I have a couple of repaints for the EU buses in this style but not anything UK, so this is a bit of fun in the sim which is good! Keep it up it made me laugh, i'll do a video of this soon!
It is indeed! It's great for school services! Can't wait to see it.
I think this is one of the only repaints where you can say it's so bad, it's actually good. The detailing that has gone into this is phenomenal, and I love the addition of the noticeboard PDF, probably a first for this community.
It really is something else.

I look forward to seeing more of your repaints!
Thank you! I definitely understand. It definitely captures the Age and history of the vehicle. Thank you for your kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed the PDF, took a lot of extra thought and care. Thank you!!!!
Its good detail, but I cant get it onto the map for some reason. it wont show up when you try to spawn a vehicle.
Hi Matty! This sounds briefly like an error within the installation. Try re installing by ensuring the setup program is able to install to the TransBus ALX400 Main folder. Hope this helps!
this has to be one of the best & most detailed repaints for the ALX400R, I've tried to make something like this before but it doesn't even come close to how good this looks. Grate work!!!
Thank you! A lot of thought has gone into it to ensure it is of high quality. I’m glad you enjoy it and hope it serves well within your fleet! Ewan
Damn, this is amazing!! I might have to make a completely screwed bus sound mod to go with the exterior! Attention to detail is amazing +100 Great job!
Thanks mate!! Yeah I really want like dodgy doors and awful engine sounds and gearboxes refusing to work!. I don’t understand scripts though :(. Thank you for your kind words, means a lot coming from yourself! It wouldn’t be that good if it weren’t for your B7TL mod ;) ! I like to take time and concentrate upon the small things ;)
The attention to detail is stunning, it's very well thought through! I look forward to seeing more of your work! :)

Hi Tom! Many thanks! There's been a lot of thought into the choices within the repaint! I hope to produce an array of high quality repaints that have meaning and a story behind them. Enjoy!

This is a truly amazing repaint by a very talented person. The level of detail and time put in to this takes my breath away. Keep up the excellent work mate!
Thank you! My love for design has really lead me to start designing repaints! I'm really glad you enjoy the repaint, And I respect that you're able to see further into it to see where extra care and detail was present!